Friday, April 03, 2009

Looking at life through an empty perfume bottle

Good friends,..
Happy moments...
Time when you love someone...

Some things are like a gifted bottle of a good perfume...

It may just lie in a corner of your cupboard, till you try it. Or you could just pass it on,
You can try to use it less often to make it last longer.
You may not get the same one again, or you might get it from someone else. Or you may spend your entire life trying to hunt for it....
If someone asks you how it was, you can just tell that is was good, It lasts forever just in your heart though
You may not remember what it smelt exactly like, but if you come across it again, you do recognize it.

Till then, all you can hold in your hand, is an empty bottle that it leaves behind...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

RAIS1 inside Cloud Computing?

All of my mails are on Yahoo and Google over last 6-7 years. Blogger holds my blog and Flickr stores my pics.

As far as I am aware, nothing I can do if any of these guys decide to shut down, or they just zap my account. Should that be a concern while opting for these services???

or should there be another app that will use two diff providers and mirror my data in the backend like a RAID 1 controller does... :)

What it would be called? Redundant Array of Inexpensive Services ??