Friday, December 05, 2008

Canon SX10IS...finally

I was so far loyal to Nikon. I started shooting with a vintage Pentax ME Super (Thanks to Subbu Uncle) and Nikon FM10 was my first camera. I had bought it for myself on my first birthday after I started earning.

Nikon FM10 gave me some pretty good shots. Now over the time I am feeling its limits - Film based and stock 30-70mm.

Canon SX10IS was much talked about and 20x zoom is first from Canon. Buying a full fledged DSLR was way out of my budget and it was not going to give me a good telelense too. So I decided to go for a non SLR digi cam.

Not sure about FM10, I think I will just treasure it.

I am so excited to take it out on shoot....

7th Dec Update:
Just tried the version check hack as explained here. Here is the output

Canon PowerShot SX10 IS
P-ID: 318D PAL D
Firmware Ver: GM1.01A
Oct 3 2008 14:47:12

Adj Ver.019.007

(Just discovered that pressing FuncSet and Disp key thrice, yields following...
Total Shoot: xx
Zoom Retry Count: 0
Mecha Condition: 0x00000000

This was known to work on G10 model, but know you know that it works for SX10IS too :) (updated chdk wiki too) :)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some random thoughts...

Had a Kawasaki rider (MH06-1220) next to me on the jampacked mumbai streets today...neat bike but couldnt hear typical sbike roar...and the rider was pathetically dressed up for the ride...still wondering what made him take it out for ride at 7pm from Dadar...

Managed to leave him behind in the bumper to bumper traffic...he, i think diverted to mankhurd but made me felt good that once I met open highway, he didnt zoom past :) :)

Indian bike market is changing with new entrants but the segments are extreme IMO- dense populated 100-220 at one end and 1000+ at other...I am waiting for a sub 1.5 lakh price tag and 170+kmph true speed, though havent ridden life out of the P180 yet.....

HP Racer4 packaing has its 900ml...I was already on low oil ...had to fill up Castrol Active4T - sheer waste of money...geer shifts are notchy - with low hp racer, it was much much better that it...but its my mistake...this is not first time i have used castrol 4t and felt need to drain it next day :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wow Mr. Kerala CM.

Kerala CM said "If it had not been (Major) Sandeep's house, not even a dog would have glanced that way." when Major Sandeep's father did not want to meet him.

Listen Mr. CM, and listen Mr all other politicians like him...

Only dogs stay around you and come to your house because of your position. And you don't deserve anything more than that. And tomorrow when you loose your position, you will still be one of them.

PS: Dogs are yet more loyal than most politicians. Wish politicians learn the loyalty from dogs than their licking habits.

Friday, November 28, 2008

This is just a begining of an end...

Slowly slowly, the city of joy is coming under the grip of terrorism.

As I write this, the operation Black Tornado has been completed. Combing operation has started to search whats left behind at Hotel Taj. Hotel Oberoi has already been cleared and Nariman House clearing is on (two live grenades found just now).

Mumbai - The City that never sleeps was shaken with these attacks. Never before it happened like this. Mumbai always came back to normalcy in past whenever there was a moment of crisis. But this time it was not. Offices were shut, roads were almost deserted, even two days later.

It was surely unreal. The attack was well planned. All the details were carefully studied by them. TV footage showed that the boys were young. They yet managed to cause unprecedented terror in minds of Mumbaikars. This attack will be remembered in the good books of terrorists world over. They had master key of the hotel rooms, detailed map of hotel. With that, they also seem to have spent considerable time getting familiar to innards of the Taj. They had clear cut plans and tactics laid out during the combat. They moved around under CCTV by smoking around. They ran around in lobbies and rooms. Indian Commandos were at times surprised how the terrorists would confront them, fire, blast around and vanish in seconds. They had expected a long battle, food and ammunition supply was stacked in advance. I feel they stacked it around different rooms of hotel and as they moved around they used it. The way they moved around as seen on tv, and in the manner in which they held up their fight for two days, makes it very clear that they had been brainwashed and trained in a superb manner. Its not just weapon training, it was more of psychological endurance that they had been trained for. These must be best of few chosen to carry out the attack. They had been under tremendous pressure for three final days and they knew they were going to die at the end. They could easily blow up entire ammunition and call it out but they managed to stretch their death. It was very difficult for the commandos to corner them down in these conditions. No surprise it took 200 commandos to nail these handful killers.

Wish we could read their mind as they were being holed out.

While the above thoughts seem to be words of praise for the terrorists, in a way, we can learn a lot from these terrorists. They are good example of what planning, determination combined with execution could bring. Unfortunately its not channeled in desirable way.

Indian security personnel who worked in this operation emerged as Heroes and for the correct reason. This was first of its kind operation in Mumbai where different groups like NSG Black Cats, Marine Commandos (Marcos), Police commandos, fire brigade and others worked in a joint operation. The commandos that entered inside Taj and Nariman were completely unaware about the internals of place they went into. They fought in absolute dark with no idea about how many they are fighting againsts, where they are hiding, what weapons they are carrying. Their work and achievement is surely greater than the people they fought against.

As the commandos returned, one person said to a news channel - When Dhoni hits six, he gets crores, what to these (commandos) have in their life? It says a lot about their life. Average salary drawn by Mumbai police constable is less than 10,000 a month. Their work hours exceed 12 hours a day on regular basis. The training, weaponry and protection gear that they get is good for nothing. Lack of good gear was prime reason for Mumbai loosing good policemen.

The whole episode showed how our systems and politicians failed. Raj Thackarey who boasted fiercly - "Mumbai amachi..." (Mumbai belongs to us) was no where seen during entire drama. Narendra Modi tried to pull some mileage by offering monetary help. R R Patil sheepishly said that such small incidents happen in big cities. And Chief Minister did not seem to have any objection to him. All others were trying to somehow make profit out of all this. Posters were put up across the city by political groups with big pictures of martyrs and even bigger bottom line to show who put them up. Ruling party has promised monetary help to deceased, promised to strengthen up police force, establish NSG like group for Mumbai etc etc.

All these selfish people fail to understand that this attack is above the politics they are playing. They are all essentially like frogs confined in a well.
All they want is money and short time benefits for themselves. They can be seen moving around in expensive cars, VIP numbers. Their arrogance is visible when they break rules...They consider themselves god. Is there any daring politician who has guts to eradicate terrorism? They can only show their power during election and speech. All of them same - impotent.

Hemand Karkare, the ATS chief who was killed in this attack, his colleague told that Mr. Karkare always insisted that ATS is "Anti Terrorism Squad" and not "Anti Terrorist Squad"...There are very few like this who understand what they do and have a definite aim.

Barakha dutt on NDTV had very responsible narration. When people had surrounded Nariman House to watch the operation, she was thrilled by the way people shouted around and cheered. She expressed fear that these attacks are going to affect Indo-Pak relations. With anti-pak slogans echoing in atmosphere, somewhere the terrorist had achieved their goal. They had managed to create another scar in a common man's life about something. These people will continue to be anti-terrorist and not anti-terrorism.

Is there a way to terrorize the terrorism without eliminating them? Moreover, is there a will to do so amongst those who have power?

They wont change and this corruption is going to slowly slowly poison the world over. This is really same world over. Human selfishness is going to end the world...and it seems to have picked up speed. Earlier Mumbai was getting used to bombing and now there are actual attacks...

This may seem like a pessimist thought or that I have given hope in panic. But I am taking this as small signs that tell me that future is coming near slowly if all else remains same.

I see this as beginning of end that is sooner or later going to happen.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Honda Valkyrie...

Originally uploaded by Globe Treader
Spotted a Honda Valkyrie parked into our basement, right next to my Pulsar.
We all were amazed to see it from all angles...just couldnt do it enough.

Specs are heavy...

thats some bike man!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Surprise by Airtel Mobile GPRS connection

I was taken aback by a surprise when I tried to download Symantec updates on laptop using my mobile as a tethered modem on GPRS connection.

My other net connection is 512Kbps line but it was also never this fast. I am using Airtel mobile broadband for two years now and this is the only time I have seen this speed!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

BN there, Dandeli that!

2nd October 2008 0350hrs
I got down the building and reached my bike. It was standing there in its usual calm composure. I was prepared for a long ride that I decided to join all of a sudden. Required stuff was packed in my backpack and cramster tankbag. I was little nervous but cool early morning air was soothing me a bit.

2nd October 2008 0355hrs
I tied the backpack as pillion and rested "turtle" on the tank and unmounted bike. It was a sense of Deja vu. I was good to go.A quick flick of accelarator and gentle push to ignite the engine, the Pulsar woke up with its typical startup noise. I still remember the first time I saw n heard a pulsar starting up and it still feels exciting!

2nd October 2008 0401hrs
The blood had rushed up the engine and the beast was ready to go. I noted the Odo and reset the tripmeter. Odo read 21183 and tripmeter 000.0.Couldnt wait any longer and I started my journey...
It was dark and the road was empty. Thanks to that and newly made Thane Belapur stretch, I was zipping past the milestones.
First throttle down was after 45 mins at Panvel toll plaza on old NH4. This was pretty quick. usually it takes atleast an hour. Now began the curvy ride till Khopoli. They have done a pretty good job to revamp old Mumbai-Pune highway. The road it divided and two lanes a side. I could keep constant 90+ and lean at the corners without much hassles. I had recently upgraded my headlamp using Avenger coil and bulb. It was keeping the road well lit.

I slowed down a little as I reached Bhor ghat. Crossing Bhor ghat is pure fun. Entire atomosphere was filled with engine roar and it was amazing to climb it in pitch dark morning :)
First tea break was at the "Tapari" on the Khandala ghat. The guy there was sleepy and not interested to serve tea. Perhaps he didnt want to leave the counter or stretch his hand. I was reluctant to get off as the bags made it little tricky to do so. One group had stopped there to have tea and one of the guy was kind enough to extend arm and pass on the cup!
As I reached Lonavala station, the road near it was still perfect. Its more than 2 years since I am riding there and its immaculate. Perhaps its made by a non-corrupt constructor! And seems he was not given any contract thereafter :) :)
After passing Kamshet, I realised that I was riding on reserve for a while. Suddenly there was a panic moment because all pumps looked fast asleep. I had betted on the Lonavala HP pump but it was shut. I quickly started looking for pump. For few pumps, I had to take long U in vain. Blood temperature started rushing through body with each passing meter. And luckily I found one. Tank was half full and I again started chasing the fellows.
This ride was arranged by a group called Bikenomads. I joined their newsgroup a while ago and kept sniffing the threads till today. It was a sudden decision to join the ride because the weekend at work turned out to be free. This was my first long (200km+) ride and that too with a professional group. 8 people were expected to start from Pune at 6am. Two mumbikers had already joined them a day ago. more were expected to start from Banglore and Hyderabad and converge at the destination - Dandeli - 650kms away from Mumbai!
Old highway ended quickly and I took right to reach Wakad. All of a sudden, I hit a foggy patch and everything was white around :) it was great...though little scary because visibility was ultra low. I just hoped that it doesnt rain. The foggy patch got over in few meters and I reached the Meeting point for Pune folks. I was late by an hour, though they were not supposed to wait for me. I kept on riding and looking for the bunch across the road...
Somewhere after Satara, I thought of giving up and taking a bite. I stopped at a small shack. The guys were ultra lazy and outright irritating. Misal paav was good though. I had to leave without tea as the couterboys started fighting over who will bring the cup for me!
Oh yes, incidently, I saw a big crab near the place...must have missed the road from a river nearby.
Just after I left this place...I saw a biker and big BN sticker grabbed the attention. It was the group I was looking for...I waived down to him to stop. He though I am asking directions and I asked him..."Hey, are you going to Dandeli! Lets go, I am coming too". First that guy did not understand whats happening :) He was Seon. He recognised me after I told my name and I was soon riding with the Group!!!
It was good feeling to be a part of the flock and we soon hit Maharashtra border. Highway after border gets real wide an smoother. All so far, I was wishing to ride Mumbai Pune Expressway and now no more feel like doing that :) This is way ahead that small patch.
Once again it happened that I was riding on reserve. In the excitement of meeting them, I forgot to tank up again :-s and finally, all the fuel drained. This time I was left behind too....Somewhere I had read that you can use Choke and then start again to utilise last half a litre of fuel in Pulsar. I tried that and it worked...and luckily, I spotted a bunk within just few meters :) and was back on track.
We ripped real hard after this and I could hold constant 115+ on Speedo. The high speed made me miss the Belgaum exit and I speeded past everyone somehow. Vibhu called up and told me to come back. This highway has left exits only and I felt like losing exists on US interstates :)
It took me a while to catch up the guys again and had to roam around on the Belgaum roads till then. Everyone was standing near a hotel and as they spot me, all shouted together :) I was glad to be found again :)

2nd October 2008 ~1500hrs
We parked at Ramdev hotel in Belgaum and hijacked one table exclusively for our bags and gear. Food was good and we had a light lunch. We now had to take smaller NH4A towards Khanapur. We were riding through the city now and everyone was watching 11 riders riding together with all the luggage and gear. It was fun to watch them amazed as we rode.
Road was small but not bad. We reached Khanapur with a small halt taken due to wee bit of drizzles...It didnt continue for long and we reached Londa via Khanapur. We came at Panji- Londa diversion and took a tea break.
After this, the road a piece of cake. Amazing tar and exciting curves. It was sheer thrill to ride the stretch by just leaning. I dont remember a moment where I could ride straight up. It was crazy. Maybe it was made by the Lonavala guy :)
We somehow missed the entrance to our destination and overshot it by few kilometers. But the camp guy came over and we were soon at the spot - Dandeli Jungle camp. Tripmeter read 571kms!!!!!!!!
Riders from Banglore had reached before us and we were welcomed by them. Hyderabad fellows were awaited. We had received a SMS from them while they were approx 200kms away from the place.

We refreshed ourselves and met over the camp fire. Almost everyone was tired but we had a small session. I was formally introduced to the group then. Dinner followed that and everyone jumped on the plates. The food was served warm and chicken curry was great! Vegens had less options though and most were pissed off ;)
I hit bed soon after that. Hyderabad riders were delayed because of bad roads and they were brought it to the reort by some of us somewhere near midnight.

3rd October 2008
Had quiet a good sleep amidst bugs walking all over the body. Somnath and I woke up quiet early and then we decided to take a small walk till main road. A dirt road connected resort to the main road and it made a good walkway.
After returning, we had a small session of macro photos and breakfast.

That day we went to see Syntheri Rocks. This is a big granite rock next to the Dandeli river. One the way, Somnath was stung by small hairy caterpiller which was thankfully more itchy than toxic. He was quiet fine once Doctor Harshad applied soap lotion :)

In the evening we drove to Dandeli city for a Crocodile Trek. The guide claimed that there are usually 30-40 crocs to be seen. but we just saw half a crock (just saw legs).
Campfire that night vitnessed a good amount of discussion about Bikenomads and their further plans. Once food was redied, everyone dispersed :) We were burning more than usual callories during day. The resort fellow must be worried about our food intake...Glad that he didnt charge us extra for food though it was included in the costs ;)
Just before the campfire, few of us took the bikes out for a small ride. We rode up to the city and came back. While returning, it became darker and all we could see in the RVM was a chain of lights moving in unison! Watching that was so amazing, no one stopped to shoot it :)

4th October 2008
Jungle safari was scheduled to start at 4am in the morning. Considering the experience with crock trek and early morning departure, I chose to stay in bed. Which turned out to be a good decision. The safari was just the ride in the woods and not much of wildlife could be spotted by those who went.
Another group was ready for white water rafting. Their scheduled departure was delayed because the rafting water levels were planned to rise in the noon.
Remaining people were planning to ride up till Karwar (or Goa if Harshad's efforts had turned into success). Change of timing for Rafters changed this plan. We spent noon watching some funny videos on Harshad's laptop.

In the evening, some, including me, went to the city and tanked up. Vibhu and Harshad went out to hunt a place for our bike shoot. Both groups departed from resort at same time and incidently both returned too at once :)
It was dark yet rafters had not returned. So the campfire was lit and audience started small session with Rafting group was late so we couldnt do our bike shoot. We then decided to shoot in front of resort. The group photo was success because of Harshad's camera, Vinay's tripod, Amod's batteries and my flash...and everyone's enthusiasm for it :)

5th October 2008 0400hrs
We got up early as decided and started to pack for the return journey. Lights went out and we had to pack the stuff using mobile light. As soon as finished packing, lights came!!!

5th October 2008 0530hrs
We started to ride back finally. The road was dark and leaning on the curves were more exciting. It was very foggy again and wet by drizzles. Took us almost 2.5 hours to reach Belgaum. Hyderabad folks spilt of here.
We again stacked up at Ramdev and fueled ourselves. Soon we were on the highway and ripping. We chose to stay at 100 for this stretch. Hormuzd, somnath and I zipped ahead and kept together till the rest of the ride.

On passing Kolhapur, we came to know that Abhishek met with accident. It was scary but we decided to keep moving as we had covered much distance than rest. My bums had started getting numb by now. But back was well supported by the sack. We kept moving and taking breaks to ease of blood in the bottoms and reached Pune by 1.30pm

5th October 2008 1330hrs
We had some snacks at Varje and Somnath left us here. Hormuzd and I started for Mumbai. While Hormuzd was refueling, I noted that my speedo cable had gone kaput after 440kms of ride :( :(
I kept following Hormuzd now. As we reached Neeta point in Lonavala, a stupid Zen Estillo coming in opposite direction turned left all of a sudden and stopped in the middle of the road. We had to brake hard to avoid collision. We confronted the bald uncle and sheepishly smiled to say "Sorry, I am new to this area!"
We again reached Lonavala and I couldnt control riding hard on the Lonavala road. I zipped past Hormuzd only to stop on the Amrutanjan Bridge. He couldnt understand what suddenly took me :) But after that we again kept with each other till Kalamboli. We departed near RAIT and I soon reached Three hand junction in Thane.

5th October 2008 1630hrs
While I was waiting at the signal, there was little smoke and smell under the seat. I looked down and aparently, one plastic bag was stuck to the silencer pipe and smoking up. But also the engine was covered with oil. I decided not to go home but went to my mechanic who usually packs up early on Sunday.So first I went to the studio and submitted the films to be developed. Was very eager to see the prints.Chiku the mechanic checked the bike and thankfully it was just loose air pump that caused little oil to leak. It was fixed in jiffy and oil was changed.

5th October 2008 1715hrs
I finally reached home and back to the grind :) We had covered the distance in less than 12 hours as opposed to 14 while going. It was almost a 1300kms journey to Dandeli n back!!!
All in all, it was a great trip. Had lots of fun and covered lots of distance. Only thing that irritated were the countless number of people who would use their hands to signal that I am riding with the lights on. People would just go crazy to do that, kids, elders all did that while they walked up on road, travelled in rikshaw and what not.. :) :) :) Hope they do the same to people without road-sense. Riding in
the group was a difference experience, especially on the Khanapur-Dandeli road during day as well as early in the morning. Looking forward to more such trips....

Trip Summary
Route: Thane-Pune-Satara-Kolhapur-Belgaum-Khanapur-Londa-Ramnagar-Dandeli and back
Distance: 670kms one way
Time to cover: 12 hours (average)
Bike: Bajaj Pulsar 180cc, Fear the black edition
Riders: 3 from Mumbai, 8 from Pune, 2 from Banglore, 3 from Hyderabad
Group: Bikenomads (
Road condition: Smooth and divided tarway till pune. Expressway till Kolhapur. Extra wide and smoother concrete till belgaum. Undivided two laned tarway till Khanapur. A great curvy whitish tarway till Londa. bumpy tar till Dandeli.
Petrol pumps: Lots of bunks along the route till Belgaum. Most of them are shut at night tough. After Belgaum, very less pumps till Dandeli. In dandeli city, there are few pumps
Service: Kolhapur - Belgaum - Dandeli stretch is much away from city hence mechanics might not be available at regular intervals.
Food options: Plenty of food options along the route, except Belgaum-Dandeli stretch
Prefferred time:October-February
Stay: Dandeli offers small cottages and tree houses to stay. We booked online through
Food: Great if you are non-vegen

Links to Pictures - Me - Harshad - Vibhu - Vinay - Seon - Kalingaputra - Jayram - Amod - Post on BN website - Route directions

Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Ever wondered how a day's news fits in 12 pages of a newspaper and 24 hours of a channel everyday?"

We go for a movie, spend couple of hundred rupees and then critisize the technical things about it. dont we know that there are millions of people who cannot earn a hundred rupees even for days. even if you think that the movie was bad, imagine what the people behind making it think. will they ever make a movie if they know its going to be bad? do we care what the director/producer/staff had in mind while making it? there might be atleast one person who might be making the movie with a big vision of something or a passion, he just fails short while realising it or fails to find a mass appeal in it...and we tend to ignore that (not that we shouldnt always)...

while i was in pune, i used to eat at a small snacks bar that served paavbhaji, bhelpuri and stuff like that. for me it was not great food but it was rather food that is available nearby. once I saw a man (agend around 30-35), eating paavbhaji there with his wife and two small kids. he answered a phone while doing that and i heard him telling this to the person on call - "aaj 4 saal saal ke baad first time family ko hotel me leke aaya hai!". His idea of hotelling was different than many who are reading this...what would you do and where would you go if you want to go out and eat somewhere?

i read somewhere - "ever wondered how a day's news fits in 12 pages of a newspaper and 24 hours of a channel everyday?"

It's a known and bitter fact of today's human life. everyone makes a circle to encompass their belief, relations, assets, selfishness and decides to walk around with it. Anything that does not fit inside that, is non-existent or invisible. I am no exception to that.

Ideally there are a lot of things that need to happen or to be taken into account, but that doesnt happen ideally...and if it starts to happen, it wouldnt be a real nice life...

Choices are few and not always simple

- Spread your circles, include more in and just do nothing but feel sad like this

- Break away your circle and try to be the change

- Just keep walking and ignoring things outside it

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Had been to Amba village on the weekend which is right in the middle of Ratnagiri and Kolhapur. The village is approx 300ft above the sea level and great place to halt for a weekend trip.

We started from Thane and reached Kolhapur via Pune. Mumbai Pune is approx 200kms and Kolhapur is another 200. From Kolhapur we took Amba Ghat route to Ratnagiri and reached Amba Village via village Bambawade and Malkapur.
Amba it seems is now part of reserve forest area. There is a Dam nearby and also lots of water catchment areas and waterfalls on the river that runs along. You can spot peacocks and many other birds, kingfisher is very common too. You can take a walk in the jungles with help of locals. There are few resorts available here which offer lovely food and stay. Its advisable to do a reservation first. The resorts are not like commercial resorts - they are like villager's house converted into resort. Usually they provide customizable food menu, blankets and attached washrooms. If its not raining, you can do a camp fire and barbeque also. Our resort had a policy to let the place to one group at a time (for a minimum of 5-6 people).

Once you start from the village towards Ratnagir, you will be greated by amazing view of Konkan range. Here you realise how much above the sea level you really were.
We went to Marleshwar temple which is approx 40 kms away from Amba. This place is a temple of Shankar right next to a nice big waterfall. You can pay-park the bikes at the base and take few steps to reach the temple and waterfall.

From here we started off for Ganpatipule. We first came on Mumbai-Goa highway and went towards Ratnagiri. Ganpatipule is around 40 kms from here.
Return journey to Amba is via haatkhamba and pali. For this you have to come back till mumbai-goa highway again and go towards Ratnagiri again. And then take the kolhapur diversion after few kilometers.

While returning to Mumbai, you can come via NH-17. The distance is almost same but road quality and ride is different as you will pass through different ghats along the route.

Will post the map and pics soon. Till then you can check out cellphone pics on flickr.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Side Indicator modification (in progress)

It was another long weekend at Thane so decided to do something to my beloved bike.

Got side indicator lights meant for Alto for INR 100.

Had to cut the front fairing to accomodate the lights. The lights are supposed to clip on but because of thik fairing its difficult. I will have to glue them in to prevent them from coming off. I had removed the existing turn indicators completely. These indicators fasten the plastic fairing to body hence needed to use two nut bolts to fasten the fairing. Otherwise it might create vibrations.

The whole thing took approximately 2-3 hours. It looks cool now. Will have to work on tail indicators.

Let me know if you like the mod.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

between 0000-00-00 and 9999-99-99

I noticed that (some) mails originating from Yahoo have "between 0000-00-00 and 9999-99-99" at their bottom recently, i think since yesterday...

some googling pointed to yahoo answers site but no definitve answers....just people guessing that yahoo wants to protest about microsoft bid or to remind us ppl to submit their tax (somehow!)

any idea whats this?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Console Gadgets Mission (Accomplished!)

This was a long pending task. Finally completed today. Added a temperature gauge and Ammeter.

I bought the temperature sensor in Pune. The gauge is made by Pricol and I think its for Leyland trucks. It has 3 connectors, 1 for +12V (shared by bulb), body ground and the sensor. The sensor cable is long and the tip needs to be kept touching to the point (the temperature of which you need to measure). The maximum range of gauge is 110C so I need to experiment about its location. Engine fins are good point but want to make sure that they run at less than 110C. Gauge needs little time to record temperature variations.

Ammeter was pretty simple and cheap too. You can get it from any two wheeler shop which stocks parts for Enfield. This ammeter is to be connected in series after fuse so the wire needs to be cut.

Got both the gauges fit from a mechanic in Thane. It took almost 2 hours to drill holes in fairing and wire the whole thing.

Total costs involved as follows

Pricol temperature gauge (Part no. 3002, Leyland temp gauge) - INR543
Enfield Ammeter (Minda make) - less than INR100

Related XBHP post is located at -
More pics on flickr -

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Headlight Upgrade Mission (accomplished)!

This is the Phillips EssentialPower 60/55W Bulb. This is not approved for road traffic (approved only for rally circuits) but doesnt matter :) I wanted to get OSRAM Nightbreaker but couldnt find it.

The bulb is "H4" but can be directly used in HS1 sockets.

This is Avenger coil plate which I purchased from one of authorised service center in Thane. MRP is INR532. Its official part name is "Avenger stator plate". The coil plate is direct fit for Avenger (original 180cc engine) and Pulsar 180cc DTS-i fear the black version (and could be for other 180cc models except original 180cc engines)

A neighbourhood mechanic swapped out the coil plates for me for a service charge of INR100. As the part is direct fit, you may be able to do it yourself if you have all the tools.

The light is much brighter now. I haven't taken "before-after" photos though. This upgrade is mainly intended for riding in Pune city than highway riding. Hopefully the stupid pune drivers someday know road manners.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The road is calling me...

The road is calling me. Wrists are getting eager to twist the accelerator and rev the engine hard. Want to experience the centrifuge acting on body on a smooth twisting turn. Craving for that amazing adrenaline rush that i get when speedo needle sticks above 100 for a long time and odometer changes digits with each heart beat.Want to leave house early, ride the day out and come home with dust all over me and bike, empty tank and heart content with happiness of returning from a new destination!