Thursday, May 28, 2015


"If my younger self had met me today, I would have punched myself in the face..."
We always wish for the butterfly effect to go back and fix something. But we cant. Life is like this, everything that we do today has potential to make or break our future. We can only look back at past and decide to do something, again with the same potential risk. We can succeed, fail or both. We are going to be judged irrespective.
Look ahead and choose what you want to do now and DO IT, NOW. At least love and believe in yourself as much that you would not want to punch your past self tomorrow, hopefully. When everything else fails, only you would be there for yourself.
Keep going with knowledge that the butterfly effect is a myth and future is a mirage. Never know when the mirage turns out to be real Oasis. The journey should never stop.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

"Living with Ninja Experiences" - 50,000 KMs!

3 years and 4 months and just completed 50,000KMs on Kawasaki Ninja 650R 2011 today!

Some boring stats below Words cant do justice to how beautiful this machine is, so if you have specific questions, I would be happy to answer.
ODO Reading - 55011 KMs
Consumables -
4th Set of tyres
- Stock Bridgestone Battalax (16,000 KMs)
- Metzzler Sportec M5 (6,000 KMs)
- Metzzler Sportec M5 (8,000 KMs)
- Dunlop Roadsmart (16,000 KMs)
Chain sprocket set
- Stock set (28,000 KMs)
- RK X Ring + Sunstar Sprockets (49,000 KMs)
Clutch Plates - (48,000 KMs)
Fork seals (42,000 KMs)
Spark plugs (42,000 KMs)
- Stock died at (47,000 KMs)
- Replaced with Motobatt AGM with warranty (cheaper than stock and better technology, dealer in Mumbai!)
Brake pads, Air filter, Oil/Oil filter and Chain lubes etc at regular intervals

Cost Per KM - INR 18
Fuel Average - 21 KMpL
Total Fuel - 2358 Litres
Total Fuel Cost - INR 174314
Average Fill up - between 12-13 Liters
Typical Range between fills - 250-270 KMs

Sunday, January 25, 2015

DIYaFIX Sunday...broken grab rail bolt removed

broken grab rail bolt removed using ancestral hand dril, hammer, center punch, bolt remover and trusted WD40.
- Spray WD40
- Use center punch to mark point on broken bolt
- Drill using small drill bit
- Lock thread remover with light tap of hammer and reverse the bolt out using hand drill
- Clean the debris
- Pat yourself for good job done