Friday, December 29, 2006

orkut is under construction. please check back soon (=

I came to office in the morning today and as a habit refreshed my ORKUT window left on from yesterday.
To my horror, I hit the "orkut is under construction. please check back soon (=" screen!
Thinking it could be temporary glitch as usual, I kept refreshing. But alas! its still down after 12 hours! No communication from Google yet so that was more frustrating. Seems like a non-user friendly move from Orkut team.

What could be the cause? Maybe someone didnt do the upgrade drill properly...and screwed up himself and sight...he is sure to get a sore ass tonight LOL.
Or a virus or cracker attack? This certainly isnt a planned downtime.

I guess this is first time any prestigious site is down for so long in unplanned manner.

Would definitely like to know in details what caused the mess....

We need to change our Heroes

This is a news published somewhere at the bottom of a local newspaper.

A saloon owner in Pune married a prostitute rescued from a brothel! A a small news, quiet unnoticeable without any photos.

He saw the girl in brothel and fell in love with her. Later when the girl was rescued from the brothel, he persisted for more than 2 years for her. His efforts won at the end and they both got married now. Not surprisingly her parents have disowned her after they came to know about her past.

The same story was behind a movie "baaghi". It came few years ago. Was not a major success but the people who made it, still got their money and people who watched didnt mind spending money to go and see it. The actors were still their favorite. But when such things happen in real life, people are hardly bothered.

A casual look at the newspaper shows 2 prominent clicks - Vilasrao Deshmukh waiving hand at crowd and Shrisant giving autograph to fans on SA ground.

Whats the connection?

Its quiet sad that there is a social stigma attached to various people in this country. Each of them would have dreams and hopes but not all come true. The society is so much divided with caste, community and other useless boundaries.

People often judge others by the work they do. And while not realising that every work is important, they carry forward their social beliefs to their next generations. Ironically, there are people in this country who take proud in being called backwards and claim reservation due to same!!!

The generation still grants the politicians, sportpersons (or just cricketers?) and filmstars a heroic status. Politicians keep dividing the country under social/caste barriers so that they continue to cheat the people and make money. Getting into cricket has become another business or a "Kaun banega Crorepati" (Who wants to be a millionare) contest. Once you are in, play a few matches, you are all set to act in ads, drink cola and mint money.

- Will ever a cola company come forward to sponser the saloon owner. The local police and NGO were the only one to sponser the marriage day treat and gift them utensils so that they can cook their daily food!
- When a politician is mis-treated by a foreigner sportsperson, his supporters fume in anger till an apology is seek. But do the supporters do anything beyond putting up posters of the politicians and dancing on tunes of their leader?
- Superstars advocate cola products and tell how safe they are. But do they realise that most people in india dont get safe drinking water everyday?
- People dont bother to check who is next to them in a movie theatre or a mall. But they dont tolerate anyone when it comes to going to a temple or a shrine.
- Cricketers get a ransom even if they dont perform for months and then there are numerous other athaletes who are yet to get their own house promised by Government.

There is often so much fuss over matter of pride than on matter of necessities. Will this stop anytime? I guess yes but I am afraid that it would be too late. But if its stopped on time, it would help the people and their own country a lot.

Its a general outcry that every generation hears: "The generation needs an awakening". But its often true. I also believe that the social heros must change. Infact the heros need to change their heros and turn their mind from money to people.

I would like to see the day When this country learns to treat their own people with respect and free them from social, communical, regional and economical shackles....I guess that day my country would be truly independant Republic Nation.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Best and worst products in history

The 25 greatest PCs of all time

The 100 best products of the year

The 25 worst tech products of all time

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A lot more can go behind the screen when you text

Today is time for doing some research on predictive text input systems on Mobile phones.
I have used most mobiles phones available from different vendors. Didnt know that Nokia and others use the same algorithm (T9) but Nokia didnt use the name. Have used Motorola iTap too and found that quiet better.

Info about few systems...

T9 -



BTW, Do you remember the Infinite Monkeys Theorem, there is a cool site that relates to it and actually tries to find if it can be put to use :-)

Friday, December 15, 2006


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Omega Speedmaster)

The Omega Speedmaster, the legendary "Moonwatch", selected by NASA for all the Apollo missions.Launched in 1957 by Omega, the Moonwatch is a type of Omega Speedmaster watch which was selected by the NASA for the Project Apollo. As such, they became the first watches worn on the Moon, gaining the nickname.

The Speedmaster passed NASA's numerous tests, which included exposure to extreme temperatures, vacuum, intense humidity, corrosion, shock, acceleration, pressure, vibration and noise [1], whereas the Rolex, Breitling, Bulova, Longines and TAG Heuer, notably, all failed.

The Speedmaster is the only watch to have been worn on the moon (except for the Waltham Watch Company wristwatch worn by Dave Scott after the crystal had popped off his Speedmaster), and the only watch flight-qualified for EVA use by NASA. It is the watch chosen for use in outer space by the Russian space agency NPO Energija.


Back of the Omega Moonwatch.When the step-by-step procedures of the Project Gemini space-walks were first mapped out, NASA realized that they had overlooked the requirements for specialized personal timekeeping devices for the Astronauts. NASA did not have an approved wristwatch for space travel.

The normal procedure of soliciting bids for the design, manufacture and testing of special “Space Proof” wristwatches was a time consuming process. To save time, NASA sent two systems engineers into downtown Houston “incognito” to purchase several reputable “off-the-shelf” chronographs to be tested for possible use in space.

Five different brands of chronographs were purchased and returned to NASA for testing. After the first round of tests, two of the five brands were disqualified. After the second round of tests, only one wristwatch, the “Omega Speedmaster”, survived. NASA ordered several more watches of each of the brands tested, including twelve Omega Speedmasters.

The tests were completed on March 1st, 1965. At the completion of the tests, three of the chronographs from different manufactures were still running, but only the Speedmaster had passed without any of the serious discrepancies encountered with the others. The Omega Speedmaster was adopted by NASA as the “Officially Certified Wristwatch For All Manned Space Missions.” At this point, Omega was completely unaware of these activities.

The first Omegas were issued to the Gemini 3 crew, Grissom and Young. The watch was worn on the outside of the pressure suit with a long black Velcro band. On Gemini 4, Edward White left the space capsule with an Omega Speedmaster on his wrist to become the first American to walk in Space.

The Omega Speedmaster was the first watch to be worn on the Moon with Apollo 11. In April 1970, it was used to manually time the secondary rocket burns to bring the crippled Apollo 13 spacecraft back to Earth.

The Omega Speedmaster was re-certified in 1972 and in September 1978, for the Space Shuttle missions.

Today, all NASA-issued wristwatches are government property and must be turned in once the astronauts return to Earth. Astronauts are permitted to check the watches out before launch and take them home to familiarize themselves with the watch’s operation.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Bullworker anyone???

Hey folks!
does anyone of you remember Bullworker??????
while travelling home today my friend had a book with him in the train. It was about workouts, especially ones that involve own bodyweight rather than actual weights.
I remembered having a Bullworker at home when i was in KG....dunno where it gone..Not sure if its still available in market...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Where illiterates help teach!

It was first journey by train yesterday after recovering from fracture, after more than a month. My roomy, Buddy was along with me. Due to the train burning incident a day ago, train was not crowded. Most had preferred to stay back home.

As train approached Karjat, two girls entered the compartment as usual. They were trying to sell something along with other tea-coffee and food vendors. When they approached my seat, I could see what they were trying to sell.

The girls looked homeless. They wore handmade Indian skirt n top and sported typical Indian styled pony on head. There was a dull look in their eyes, which apparently is ever present in numerous homeless people trying to make up their lives in the world.

They had a bunch of small brightly coloured sketchbooks and English alphabet books in their hand, each being sold for Rs.10. Few were bothered to take a look at them and those who did, would just browse through most of them, buy 1 and return rest. While people browsed books, the girls would either stand next to them or take the other bunch to next aisle. The person next to me checked out few of the books and chose to buy A sketchbook with Tom n Jerry on the front cover. As he kept it aside for buying, I could notice that the both girls looked at each other, smiled and one of them said "Tom n Jerry!".

While they were in the train, other kids might be wearing designer cloths, funky hairstyle, watch Cartoon Network and sip their favourite chocolate drink before they go to bed. Or yet many more like these two girls are trying to sell something and make money on streets.

I wondered if the girls go to school or are privileged to actually have fun watching those cartoons on tv. I wonder if they knew how to spell ABCD at least! Nevertheless, books were helping to earn them a days bread.

Can I say they were teaching world how to color something, how to write ABCD and on top of that, strugle in life to live each day!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Something worth reading on World AIDS Day


Having HIV, holding hope
Shabana Patel
When my husband tested positive, his family threw him out and he died due to lack of medical support. A month later, I realised I too was HIV positive…

My husband was tested positive in 1998. Unfortunately, back then, there was not much information on HIV or AIDS — even the doctors were scared to treat the infected and the government was not running as many programmes as it does today.

To make matters worse, there was a social stigma attached to the illness. Neither of us realised how crucial confidentiality was and spilled the beans. While my parents were supportive of us, my in-laws and a few relatives boycotted us. They cut all ties with us. My husband, as a result, did not receive the much-needed medical and emotional support and succumbed to his illness in October, 1998.

I was still recuperating from the shock when a month later my family revealed that I too had been tested positive. I had been tested in August but my father who had kept the fact hidden from me for he thought it will be too much for me to take. I sought medical aid but was told that I would not survive beyond a few months. I panicked, but like before, my family extended their full support and stood by me.

After stigma, society showers you with sympathy…I wanted to show the world that apart from a virus, there was no difference between me and a regular person…

In 1999 I approached Asha, a BMC programme that works to prevent STDs. I was told that though I am HIV+, I am not suffering from AIDS and will definitely not die in a few months. I was relieved. But the next stage was that of sympathy. People would look at me with that sympathetic look in their eyes. They would treat me like someone who is suffering from a contagious disease and expected me to be bedridden. This irked me and made me want to prove it to them that apart from a virus that I am harbouring in my body, there is absolutely no difference between them and me.

We started as a group of nine, today our organisation does work in 22 districts of Maharashtra…

It was during one of the counselling sessions that I came across another infected person. Over a period of time we realised that we shared the same goal — helping the affected. By the end of 1999, I was informally working with the affected, helping those who were in need by counselling them and their families to help them cope and accept the reality.

By 2001 we were a group of nine (all HIV+) and we formally launched the Mumbai Network of Positive People (MNP+). We knew we were in a better situation to help people since we had ourselves been through the same hell.

The biggest challenge in our work is dealing with families of the affected. It breaks our hearts to see that people succumb to the misconceptions and ill-treat the affected. A few days back a village couple came for counselling. They also brought their two children along who were not affected. During the session I approached one of the children and took him in my arms. The couple started crying! I got scared and asked them if I did something wrong. They told me that in their village their children are treated as untouchables!

Our organisation has now been around for five years and cover 22 districts all over Maharashtra. Though there is a lot that still needs to be done, we are glad to see that government is taking a serious stand on the issue and working towards it. It's a long and tough journey but I'm glad that there are people who are willing to tag along.

As told to Dipti Nagpaul

How to cope with the stigma

Dr RN Jerajani, psychiatrist and founding member of WHARF, an association that develops programmes to educate the health care fraternity about AIDS, has been working with HIV/AIDS patients for over 25 years now. Here's what he has to say…

There are four stages of reactions once a person comes to know that he/ she is affected. First is that of denial — they don't want to accept the fact that they're affected. Then comes anger, where the person asks himself/herself 'Why me?' The third stage involves questions like 'How long will I live?' and 'Will I be able to sexually relate with my partner?' This is followed by depression. The affected fluctuates between these four stages till s/he accepts the situation. And it is at the acceptance stage where healing begins. But to reach the acceptance level, one needs to understand and remember the following:

* Every AIDS and HIV infected person is not going to die immediately. Today, given the research and medical facilities, an affected can live reasonably longer and lead a normal life.

* These infections are chronic manageable illnesses like diabetes or arthritis, which do not have a cure but where a proper plan can keep the illness under control.

* One does not have to feel guilt or shame since one is capable of leading an otherwise normal life.

* Why think about the illness? Think about health and focus on a proper and disciplined diet and exercise plan as that is what will help you living longer and healthy.

Help’s at hand

Here’s a list of a few AIDS and HIV helpline numbers:
* MNP+ Helpline: 952515634939
* PSI Saadhan Helpline: 23892222
* Mumbai District AIDS Control Society (MDACS): 24100088/24100099
* GLAXO: 24983444
* Salvation Army (HIV testing and counselling centre): 23093566
* Kripa Rotary Helpline: 26429158.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don't blame the lovers!

An interesting post from a newspaper reader Siddhant L on Mumbai Mirror (29th Nov 06)

Every third day we read about someone committing suicide and everyone opines that it may have been a love affair. I think, these people need to be left alone with placing the blame on them. Maybe the reason is the lack of love? Maybe it's because the parents are not understanding or appreciative of the kids? I know of a man, who gets annoyed with his family because they speak their mind. And because of this reason, the son has become short-tempered and ends up in some or the other brawl all the time - because of the years of suppression that he went through. A polite correction or explanation could work wonders. But most people are too preoccupied to have time for their families, especially working parents. God forbid, if the son would have been lead to take such drastic steps, then would that make the father happy? Why do parents think that the children are better of fighting the world without their support? Why can't the father and son both be on the same side? Why challenge the other all the time? If the atmosphere at home is peaceful, then there would never be anything unpleasant in our society and daily life and especially, no hurt.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hacked it!

Today I continued the search in void about the telnet hack on Netgear...

I didnt get the windows binary file for enabling the server but had the C source code. Now problem was that I didnt have a Linux box. so it was time to get a minimum Linux box for the job. I quickly dug out my CDs and found triplet of Redhat 8.0.
Within 30 mins the box was ready. I installed Lynx RPM and dloaded the code from net and required headers. This was infact the first time I used wget to do this.

The code was embedded in a HTML file so it was a quick vi job to strip down the extras. First attempt to create the binary resulted in number of errors..not a pretty sight! But then realised that the code had HTML codes insted of <, > and had to clear them.

The code was ready and I transferred it to my Windows box. But alas! the code wont run gracefully and result in error. It was time read the docs again, this time quiet carefully :-)

I realised my mistake, the binary was Linux binary and not Windows as I had been thinking :O) And while reading I also found that I had overlooked the mirror to get the Windows Binary :-$

Voilla! downloaded the binary and quick execution unlocked the telnet console on router...finally..the search that started yesterday ended in success...felt good!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

hacking into wgr614 v5

after long i spent some hardcore time online to search something...
it was turn of my wifi router...i was trying to search if i can play around it in someway...

got to know that it can be hacked...atleast there is a file called telnetenable.exe that will help me enable telnet server on the router...unfortunately i could manage to pull its source from the void (can someone help me compile it?)

Great info about Netgear WGR614

NetGear ME102 External Antenna?

how to read netgear.cfg from a WGR614 wireless router

Netgear WGR614 Wireless Router (Video)

Hacking the Netgear wgt634u

Serial console

can someone compile this n give me????

Open Source Code for Programmers;fcc_id=PY305100002;fcc_id='PY3WGR614V5'

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

when the going gets tough...

[23:44] my_friend: i havent heard from her
[23:44] my_friend: so mebbe she is still working on it
[23:45] me: she is getting busier
[23:45] my_friend: i am glad
[23:45] my_friend: but she is setlting in well
[23:46] my_friend: doing well for herself
[23:46] me: ya
[23:46] me: yes
[23:46] me: she is on her own
[23:46] me: making money
[23:46] me: so she will be fine
[23:47] my_friend: finally when everything lets u is the only thing that sees u thru
[23:47] me: ya
[23:48] me: more imp when it helps u build yourself
[23:48] me: n get back ur self esteem
[23:48] my_friend: isn;t that amazing
[23:48] my_friend: yeah ..self esteem
[23:48] my_friend: suddenly people who treated u like shit
[23:48] my_friend: treat u with respect
[23:48] me: thats life...and its more like a jungle life
[23:49] my_friend: survival of the fttest
[23:50] me: nah...survival of the strugler
[23:51] my_friend: we humans have an amazing capacity to survive
[23:51] my_friend: the the going is tough
[23:51] my_friend: the tough get going

Friday, November 03, 2006

Good Old PC!

I have habbit of reading something while I eat. As todays lunch plate was brought to me, I happened to pick sisters book lying on the table for reading.

It was a book on cryptography...I recollected golden days of college when I was usually burried behind thik reference books...most common were electronics and pc troubleshooting books.

In the evening surfing session, I opened up Wiki page for Prince of Persia...from there slowly I reached to Rotoscoping, ZX Spectrums, IBM PCs and so forth (rather back).

IBM PC compatible was the first PC I started to work with. I was in 9th Standard when I started to learn GW-BASIC. So many sweet memories are associated with those times...If I sit remembering all of those, time will fly fast.

It seems like yesterday when I put my hands first time on a PC keyboard, 1.44MB Floppy, CGA/MDA Monitors, HDD, PC Quest magazines, ISA cards (I was called Kard Boy in college!).

The moments when I used those infamous software for first time are still fresh for me - GW-BASIC, Dangerous Dave, Checkit, Norton Antivirus, Lotus 1-2-3, dBASE III+, Wordstar, Windows...The nostalgia will never cease to amuse me!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Floating Lamp Of The Shadow Valley!

Few sundays ago...just got up and put on Discovery as usual. "Discover India" was on - time for documentories on India.

What I witnessed next, was a bitter truth of life on the earth...It was a story of a 9 year old boy Arif from Kashmir, a story that would shake up any sensitive heart alive.

Arif lives in a hut built illegally on bank of daal lake, India. His father left him with his mom and siblings for terrorism. Only physical asset this family has is a wooden boat. Arif is the primary breadwinner for the family. Everyday morning, Arif sets up on his boat to find passanger to carry across the lake. What he earns in the process is a small amount, nonetheless, is a treasure that will let him buy food for the day.

That money also allows Arif and his siblings go school and study. They all have a desire to study and aspiration to own a house in future.

When asked about his father, Arif told that he was a terrorist and killed people for wrong. He used to hit his mother and siblings. When asked, what would he feel if he hears his father is dead...Arif simply said - "nothing!"

The interviewer talked to Arif's brother and mom. All are proud of him for the efforts he puts in to run the house. They know the reality that Arif's effort keep them going. Arif's sister answered one question - "What would have happened if Arif wasent working?", quick answer from that kid was - "We would have died!"

In the age of playing innocently with kids round the street, Arif has to spend his day rowing his lone boat no matter how hard the winter is. He once brought home a small puppy that came in the along the way. Perhaps it was the only friend he had apart from his family. But the destiny didnt let them be together long. The puppy died and Arif had to bury it with help of his brother, amidst watary eyes.

This is a representative story of a lot of individuals in this country or maybe across the globe. The documentary was shot over a period of time. It showed Arif breaking ice during hard winters so that he can row the boat to work. It showed arif running to mosque for Eid prayers and unlike others, rushing home after to cover his house with plastic cover so that they can prevent themselves from rain and snow.

Life is tough every day around Daal lake. Every corner is captured by a gunman - either a soldier or a millitant. I have not been to Kashmir personally but from whatever I have gathered by the media, its an amazing piece of nature's work - snow covered mountains, beautiful lakes and landscapes. But today Kashmir represents mountains of human ego and lakes of blood shed due to reasons beyond Arif's control.

Throughout the story, Arif emerges as a Hero. Yet he shows a down to earth character. This simplicity of the character is visible in the day to day events. The kid is like just another kid when he plays with the brother and sister, sadly there are no expensive toys for them.He lists his top wishes if he is given a big sum - house, VCD player, Shikara (houseboat), maruti 800 and wish to get his sister married!

Hats of to the Director who brought this story before the world, and hats of the thousands of people like Arif who live to live their dreams amidst human race of power.
May Arif grow up and fulfil his dreams. Hope We all get to see a more calmer and beautiful earth someday...Amen!

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The vast majority of manhole covers in New York City are from India?

According to The vast majority of manhole covers in New York City are from India!!!

A simple article on WIKI can be an interesting one... checkout the manhole cover article ->

Can a race car lift a manhole cover?
CART, similar to Formula 1, race cars create so much vacuum due to their aerodynamics that they can lift a manhole cover above the ground. During races on city streets, the manhole covers must be welded down to prevent injury. In 1990, while racing in Montreal, racer Jesus Pareja's car struck a manhole cover that was lifted by the ground effect of the car he was following, causing his car to catch fire.

The first man-made object in space?
An urban legend claims that a manhole cover was accidentally launched from its shaft during an underground nuclear test in the 1950s, at great enough speed to leave the solar system. The story is based on a real incident in August 27, 1957 during the Operation Plumbbob nuclear tests, where a heavy steel plate cap was blasted off the test shaft at tremendous velocity, never to be seen again. It is not known if it actually left the atmosphere.

Eureka! a new animal that I found today!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Today's Wikiing...Compressors and MUs

One of my fav searches - Indian Trains
Didnt know that there was a engine naming convention followed!!!

Some links on Mumbai Local Trains
Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation, I always wondered what MRVC, YSYL etc means on the local train compartments...
Gosh, there is so much info on the train compartment numbers etc...

Time to sleep...more wiking tomorrow :-)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Burgalary in the house...

I was alone in my room and fast asleep. around 3.30 in the morning, I just woke up with a slight up and found nothing/noone around so I went to the loo. As I put on the light, I saw my trousers lying there. I was surprised since I had put those trousers behind main door before

I went to bed.Thinking how it happened, I lifted the trousers, I suddenly saw the main door opening. A guy quickly entered house, lifted my mobile and ran out.I shouted "Stop!" and ran behind him, by the time I reachd door, he was opening sliding grill in the passage. Generally that grill was hard to slide but just before diwali it had been oiled. He managed to slide it and ran down the stairs. I ran behind him, but after getting down a floor, I stumbled in the stairs...he fled away...

I came up, neighbours had got up. I had been hurt on my knee 3-4 weeks ago. That wound also had started bleeding again. I checked my trousers, my wallet was not in the one I had kept in. Thankfully bike and room keys were there. I was relieved a little. I covered the wound and went down the street to get the cops. there was a police van on the road, 4 cops sleeping inside :-)

They directed me inside the police station.Inspectors on duty were sleeping and I woke them up. I told them what had happened. They were cold as expected. They asked me to block my credit cards and phone number and come next day with mobile purchase receipt to get the complaint registered.I started walking back to home, though i was not able to walk normally, it had started paining a little.

Suddenly I heard a voice, the two cops were calling me. The cops came with me to the apartment. They checked a little and then went back.

I was little shaken. Took the trousers lying on the floor and wallet was there but in another trouser. I checked it, money was not in it but all the credit cards were there...that was great relief. But mobile was gone for sure. I dressed up, took the mobile receipt and went back again to cops.Next 30 mins were frustrating. I tried to hold my temper like never before.Cops wanted to register a case for "missing mobile"!!!!! I did not understand how they can ask this, despite telling them a thief entered and stole the cell in front of me. I insisted that a burglary case be registered. After I insisted, they did so. But they wrote as below..."while I was sleeping, an unknown person took away my mobile my misunderstanding for his gains". I do not know what this legally means but my mind was not thinking much...They did not give me the FIR receipt and asked me to come the next day to collect the theft certificate.

I talked to neighbours and a shopowner nearby. They all pointed to one possible theif in the area. Quiet unbelieavle that police is not aware about him. They just knew how to note the IMEI number in the complaint. but way they wrote all things was horrible. I checked with doctors the next day. I had suffered a minor fracture on my leg near finger. Doctor put a big plaster on my leg and advised me not to walk for 5 weeks!

That day I couldnt sleep in the room, not even for a few mins...the fact that someone wandered in the house while I was sleeping made me go nuts thruoughout the night.

My friends came the next day. I somehow came to mumbai.
Its quiet difficult to spend time in the plaster and extremely boring too...I had asked my friend to go to cops next day and get the FIR copy. but cops talked to him as if he is the theif or as if we had made a plot, huh!!!

I wanted to raise voice against this, checked site of major newspapers and television channels..sad to say that there is no defined method to contact them as a common man. One of them had link to mail the editor but after drafting whole story realised that the submit function was never tested, got ASP error :-) They will anyways be busy chasing politicians and highprofile sportsmen/actors..

I talked to my mobile phone service provider. They were quick to block the phone number. But they said I have to talk to the manuf to block the handset using IMEI number. Manufacturer was not available 24/7. I called them between their working hours but they plainly told me that in India no one has software to track the handset using IMEI number or block it!

What a system! Thieves enter others house without fear, and steal things, cops sleep on duty and harrass people blatatenly, media is not ready to help easily....

This insensitive attitude of people pisses me off instantly. As long as they are around, there is no hope for this country!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wiking around - Goiânia accident...

Todays websurfing encountered an interesting Wiki article on radioactive disaster - Goiânia accident...
here are the links of the event and related information, alongwith other Wiki Branches I traversed through this
Goiânia accident -
Thimble - (This article led to another interesting reading - Read it and you will be enlightened about how it happens worldwide)
Becquerel -
Scintillation counter -
Prussian Blue -

Cyanides - Marana ai to isse :-))

Thursday, September 07, 2006

on VOLVO and Sukhoi

I am a fan of machines, especially once which are loaded and bring a revolution.. :-)

Now I travel from Pune (city where I work) to Mumbai/Thane (hometown) on weekends. Both cities are close, almost 3 hrs by road.

This intercity travel has been revolutionised by swedish manufacturer VOLVO ever since it introduced its B7R here.

The comfort levels and technology behind it is worth noting. This bus gave India a luxarious semi-sleeper interior, combined with noise free and isolated from road experience. Its powerful rear engine is quiet silent appearing form outside. The bus often gives surprises as it passes by you without making much noise.

I often choose the seat near driver so that I can see the mean beast being operated at ease. It seems like driving a small car. The bus seems so quick and obidient!

As a passanger, almost all the buses feature a DVD system with good sound. The bus gives good legroom for a tallboy like me and once you sit-back and relax in the semi sleeper mode, aah! you will hardly go ahead without sleep. Full air-suspension takes care of uneven roads and doesnt let potholes bother you much!

Check the B7R Specifications and you might also fall in love with it as I did...

Another machine I see nowdays is Sukhoi!

I stay near the Air force base of Pune. Throughout the day, I can see the Sukhois flying with loud noise...Take offs are swift...real swift...

And at night when they fly, you can see the blue exhaust flames...they turn off after aircraft reches some altitude. So may be its something like a afterburner used to give additional power during takeoff.

It would be amazing to fly this one too...On my motorcycle it feels god when i reach 120kmph, imagine flying at mach speeds!!!!!!

Fighter manoeuvers

Monday, August 28, 2006


Someone sent me this link on Orkut today -

I usually dont open the links but today I did...The link shows a picture comparision from a well to do foreign country about happy people. Other side of pictures show people suffering from malnutrition, lack of education, money etc...

You might have seen picture of earth taken from spaceship. Earth seems so serene, beautiful. Those who have been lucky to go in space and actually see that are so much blessed.

But as we try to zoom in to the real life on earth, life that we live in, things start to get murkier and thoughts crop up sooner than you can say "Kiran"!

Each individual on this earth lives a life, life thats unique for him/her. Each has a different perspective and definition of things around.

As the link shows, everyone has different concerns, issues. You may be cursing your ISP for being very slow today. At the same time, somewhere on the earth, might be struggling to get a lamp of oil lit. Your laptop may seem outdated recently and for someone getting hands on to a calculator seems thrilling. You go to a shop and spend hours for that nice skirt, but someone will be standing in the midst of dessert, pale with thirst! You might be in dilemma about which car to buy, and a farmer in a city next to you is attempting to plough the fields himself. You may be wondering why you got less marks in exam and someone might be running to save life from a missile from air strike....You see a city skyline full of tall buildings and at the same time each building has slums and homeless walking around...Newpaper is full of page 3 party picures and news about people dying due to poisonous country liquor.....its just endless.

There is huge difference between people on economic, social and all other front of life. Each person lives a different lifestyle. Yet, people of different lifestyle coexist so well in this world! Its amazing to see how life goes on for different people around the globe...

Sometimes I think can money be distributed equal and bring all on same page? But then I realise its not just money, equal distribution is not solution. Then what can be done?

Money is not problem and its not solution too...Its life that has to go on despite everything...its our fate that we have to go through. When fate comes in, you cant accept everything you have and keep cribbing. Hope is life and thats the weapon to use against fate. Despite the diversity, hope is the only thing that supports the earth. Everyone has hope to see a better tomorrow...

And today I salute that hope. Hope the hope stays strong and when each sould awakens tomorrow, pray him/her a better day than it was yesterday. Amen!

An evening at the ATM

Two days ago, it was usual rainy evening in Pune. I was standing outside the ATM and waiting for my apartment broker to come.

A man came and parked his motorcycle. He was wearing a typical "Safari", carrying a mobile phone in pocket with strap around neck. The middle-aged man looked worried rather a little suspcious to me. He came over and asked about the security guard. Since I had seen him going away (maybe for a leak), I told him that he is around and will return.

The man seemed to get more anxious. He started to look around with anxity. And with his every move I was getting more suspicious about his motives. I thought that he wants to withdraw good amount of cash and wats security to guard him.

Then the guard from next shop came over. The man look relieved and approached him.

"tum idhar ka guard hai kya?" (Are you the guard over here) he asked. He removed a ATM card from his pocket and asked him "yeh paisa nikal ke do" (Help me withdraw money).

Then I realised that man needs assistance at ATM. The guard who had come over just walked back to his place. The man seemed helpless now.

I could make out that he was a native Marathi fella. I went over and asked "Tumhala yacha number mahit aahe ka?" (Do you know the PIN number?)

With the usual unsaid law of interaction in Mumbai/Pune he answered me in Hindi - "Ha number pata hai. mere ko paisa nikalana hai...aap nikalenge kya?" (Yes I know it, I want to withdraw money, can you help?)

I took him inside, put the card inside and started the transaction. He wanted to check the balance first. He had not more than INR 2147 there. He asked me to withdraw 2100 for him. I did so and told him to collect cash once it comes. As I was about to turn back and leave, he said..."thamba, jara te card pan kadhun dya na!" (Wait, please help me take out the card also!)

I waited for that and then came out. The man was still inside. He counted the cash carefully, put it in an envelope and put the envelope inside his shirt. I was amused by all this by now. He seemed to really withdraw a huge sum from the ATM.

The man came out and he saw me still standing. He had a feeling of getting his work done and a feeling of obligation towards me. He called me "Thank you Saheb!" (Thank you sir) though I was probably as young as his son. He offered me a cold drink. He insisted a little more for a min. Finally I put my hand on his shoulder and said that its nothing much that I did. He again said thank you sir, and went away happily.

As he was counting the sum inside. I started thinking about all this over again. There was a time in life where not only 2000, but 20 to spend looked real big amount for me. And this does not date back very long, till I finished graduation, the story remained same for me on money front. I remembered the days when my mother used to give me exact bus fare for whole month (INR 200) and then 100 more for me to spend in case of emergency.

I remembered the 15 mins walk taken to catch the bus and same back home, just to save INR 2 a day. That saving helped me spend at the scrap-vendor and buy old computer magazines or an occassional snacks at the cafeteria.

Things have changed since I started earning. Except after the first salary, I dont remember time when I checked balance before withdrawing money. Well, doesnt mean that I got a tree of money to shake whenever I needed but I had enough always. I hardly travel by public transport now. Infact I have not yet boarded bus in Thane and Pune where I live now!

Another thing was the ATM itself. Technology has advanced so much and made life more simpler at times for people. Earlier people never thought of going to a bank at 7 pm in the evening. When you did go to the bank, you had to fill in withdrawl slip, get token, stand in queue and all those things.

This man reminded me of the past. Infact most incident in daily routine, take me back to past and make me wonder about the life in those good old days!

This man had just did that :-) In a flash he had taken me back in past. I came back to present and just smiled at myself.

Time changes so fast!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My first blog

Hello World!

Finally, I decided to blog!!!

I am Kiran, just another creature crawling on net. I have been blogging in my personal diary for years and now would like to share some of the day to day things and behind the scene thoughts with you all.

Those of you do not know me, would possibly know me as I keep blogging and you keep reading :-) A quick Google on Kiran Ghag should get you most about me.

Hope to keep in touch.