Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don't blame the lovers!

An interesting post from a newspaper reader Siddhant L on Mumbai Mirror (29th Nov 06)

Every third day we read about someone committing suicide and everyone opines that it may have been a love affair. I think, these people need to be left alone with placing the blame on them. Maybe the reason is the lack of love? Maybe it's because the parents are not understanding or appreciative of the kids? I know of a man, who gets annoyed with his family because they speak their mind. And because of this reason, the son has become short-tempered and ends up in some or the other brawl all the time - because of the years of suppression that he went through. A polite correction or explanation could work wonders. But most people are too preoccupied to have time for their families, especially working parents. God forbid, if the son would have been lead to take such drastic steps, then would that make the father happy? Why do parents think that the children are better of fighting the world without their support? Why can't the father and son both be on the same side? Why challenge the other all the time? If the atmosphere at home is peaceful, then there would never be anything unpleasant in our society and daily life and especially, no hurt.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Hacked it!

Today I continued the search in void about the telnet hack on Netgear...

I didnt get the windows binary file for enabling the server but had the C source code. Now problem was that I didnt have a Linux box. so it was time to get a minimum Linux box for the job. I quickly dug out my CDs and found triplet of Redhat 8.0.
Within 30 mins the box was ready. I installed Lynx RPM and dloaded the code from net and required headers. This was infact the first time I used wget to do this.

The code was embedded in a HTML file so it was a quick vi job to strip down the extras. First attempt to create the binary resulted in number of errors..not a pretty sight! But then realised that the code had HTML codes insted of <, > and had to clear them.

The code was ready and I transferred it to my Windows box. But alas! the code wont run gracefully and result in error. It was time read the docs again, this time quiet carefully :-)

I realised my mistake, the binary was Linux binary and not Windows as I had been thinking :O) And while reading I also found that I had overlooked the mirror to get the Windows Binary :-$

Voilla! downloaded the binary and quick execution unlocked the telnet console on router...finally..the search that started yesterday ended in success...felt good!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

hacking into wgr614 v5

after long i spent some hardcore time online to search something...
it was turn of my wifi router...i was trying to search if i can play around it in someway...

got to know that it can be hacked...atleast there is a file called telnetenable.exe that will help me enable telnet server on the router...unfortunately i could manage to pull its source from the void (can someone help me compile it?)

Great info about Netgear WGR614

NetGear ME102 External Antenna?

how to read netgear.cfg from a WGR614 wireless router

Netgear WGR614 Wireless Router (Video)

Hacking the Netgear wgt634u

Serial console

can someone compile this n give me????

Open Source Code for Programmers;fcc_id=PY305100002;fcc_id='PY3WGR614V5'

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

when the going gets tough...

[23:44] my_friend: i havent heard from her
[23:44] my_friend: so mebbe she is still working on it
[23:45] me: she is getting busier
[23:45] my_friend: i am glad
[23:45] my_friend: but she is setlting in well
[23:46] my_friend: doing well for herself
[23:46] me: ya
[23:46] me: yes
[23:46] me: she is on her own
[23:46] me: making money
[23:46] me: so she will be fine
[23:47] my_friend: finally when everything lets u is the only thing that sees u thru
[23:47] me: ya
[23:48] me: more imp when it helps u build yourself
[23:48] me: n get back ur self esteem
[23:48] my_friend: isn;t that amazing
[23:48] my_friend: yeah ..self esteem
[23:48] my_friend: suddenly people who treated u like shit
[23:48] my_friend: treat u with respect
[23:48] me: thats life...and its more like a jungle life
[23:49] my_friend: survival of the fttest
[23:50] me: nah...survival of the strugler
[23:51] my_friend: we humans have an amazing capacity to survive
[23:51] my_friend: the the going is tough
[23:51] my_friend: the tough get going

Friday, November 03, 2006

Good Old PC!

I have habbit of reading something while I eat. As todays lunch plate was brought to me, I happened to pick sisters book lying on the table for reading.

It was a book on cryptography...I recollected golden days of college when I was usually burried behind thik reference books...most common were electronics and pc troubleshooting books.

In the evening surfing session, I opened up Wiki page for Prince of Persia...from there slowly I reached to Rotoscoping, ZX Spectrums, IBM PCs and so forth (rather back).

IBM PC compatible was the first PC I started to work with. I was in 9th Standard when I started to learn GW-BASIC. So many sweet memories are associated with those times...If I sit remembering all of those, time will fly fast.

It seems like yesterday when I put my hands first time on a PC keyboard, 1.44MB Floppy, CGA/MDA Monitors, HDD, PC Quest magazines, ISA cards (I was called Kard Boy in college!).

The moments when I used those infamous software for first time are still fresh for me - GW-BASIC, Dangerous Dave, Checkit, Norton Antivirus, Lotus 1-2-3, dBASE III+, Wordstar, Windows...The nostalgia will never cease to amuse me!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Floating Lamp Of The Shadow Valley!

Few sundays ago...just got up and put on Discovery as usual. "Discover India" was on - time for documentories on India.

What I witnessed next, was a bitter truth of life on the earth...It was a story of a 9 year old boy Arif from Kashmir, a story that would shake up any sensitive heart alive.

Arif lives in a hut built illegally on bank of daal lake, India. His father left him with his mom and siblings for terrorism. Only physical asset this family has is a wooden boat. Arif is the primary breadwinner for the family. Everyday morning, Arif sets up on his boat to find passanger to carry across the lake. What he earns in the process is a small amount, nonetheless, is a treasure that will let him buy food for the day.

That money also allows Arif and his siblings go school and study. They all have a desire to study and aspiration to own a house in future.

When asked about his father, Arif told that he was a terrorist and killed people for wrong. He used to hit his mother and siblings. When asked, what would he feel if he hears his father is dead...Arif simply said - "nothing!"

The interviewer talked to Arif's brother and mom. All are proud of him for the efforts he puts in to run the house. They know the reality that Arif's effort keep them going. Arif's sister answered one question - "What would have happened if Arif wasent working?", quick answer from that kid was - "We would have died!"

In the age of playing innocently with kids round the street, Arif has to spend his day rowing his lone boat no matter how hard the winter is. He once brought home a small puppy that came in the along the way. Perhaps it was the only friend he had apart from his family. But the destiny didnt let them be together long. The puppy died and Arif had to bury it with help of his brother, amidst watary eyes.

This is a representative story of a lot of individuals in this country or maybe across the globe. The documentary was shot over a period of time. It showed Arif breaking ice during hard winters so that he can row the boat to work. It showed arif running to mosque for Eid prayers and unlike others, rushing home after to cover his house with plastic cover so that they can prevent themselves from rain and snow.

Life is tough every day around Daal lake. Every corner is captured by a gunman - either a soldier or a millitant. I have not been to Kashmir personally but from whatever I have gathered by the media, its an amazing piece of nature's work - snow covered mountains, beautiful lakes and landscapes. But today Kashmir represents mountains of human ego and lakes of blood shed due to reasons beyond Arif's control.

Throughout the story, Arif emerges as a Hero. Yet he shows a down to earth character. This simplicity of the character is visible in the day to day events. The kid is like just another kid when he plays with the brother and sister, sadly there are no expensive toys for them.He lists his top wishes if he is given a big sum - house, VCD player, Shikara (houseboat), maruti 800 and wish to get his sister married!

Hats of to the Director who brought this story before the world, and hats of the thousands of people like Arif who live to live their dreams amidst human race of power.
May Arif grow up and fulfil his dreams. Hope We all get to see a more calmer and beautiful earth someday...Amen!

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