Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The vast majority of manhole covers in New York City are from India?

According to http://littleindia.com/december2003/Made%20in%20India.htm The vast majority of manhole covers in New York City are from India!!!

A simple article on WIKI can be an interesting one... checkout the manhole cover article -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhole_cover

Can a race car lift a manhole cover?
CART, similar to Formula 1, race cars create so much vacuum due to their aerodynamics that they can lift a manhole cover above the ground. During races on city streets, the manhole covers must be welded down to prevent injury. In 1990, while racing in Montreal, racer Jesus Pareja's car struck a manhole cover that was lifted by the ground effect of the car he was following, causing his car to catch fire.

The first man-made object in space?
An urban legend claims that a manhole cover was accidentally launched from its shaft during an underground nuclear test in the 1950s, at great enough speed to leave the solar system. The story is based on a real incident in August 27, 1957 during the Operation Plumbbob nuclear tests, where a heavy steel plate cap was blasted off the test shaft at tremendous velocity, never to be seen again. It is not known if it actually left the atmosphere.

Eureka! a new animal that I found today!