Sunday, April 13, 2008

Console Gadgets Mission (Accomplished!)

This was a long pending task. Finally completed today. Added a temperature gauge and Ammeter.

I bought the temperature sensor in Pune. The gauge is made by Pricol and I think its for Leyland trucks. It has 3 connectors, 1 for +12V (shared by bulb), body ground and the sensor. The sensor cable is long and the tip needs to be kept touching to the point (the temperature of which you need to measure). The maximum range of gauge is 110C so I need to experiment about its location. Engine fins are good point but want to make sure that they run at less than 110C. Gauge needs little time to record temperature variations.

Ammeter was pretty simple and cheap too. You can get it from any two wheeler shop which stocks parts for Enfield. This ammeter is to be connected in series after fuse so the wire needs to be cut.

Got both the gauges fit from a mechanic in Thane. It took almost 2 hours to drill holes in fairing and wire the whole thing.

Total costs involved as follows

Pricol temperature gauge (Part no. 3002, Leyland temp gauge) - INR543
Enfield Ammeter (Minda make) - less than INR100

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