Friday, December 05, 2008

Canon SX10IS...finally

I was so far loyal to Nikon. I started shooting with a vintage Pentax ME Super (Thanks to Subbu Uncle) and Nikon FM10 was my first camera. I had bought it for myself on my first birthday after I started earning.

Nikon FM10 gave me some pretty good shots. Now over the time I am feeling its limits - Film based and stock 30-70mm.

Canon SX10IS was much talked about and 20x zoom is first from Canon. Buying a full fledged DSLR was way out of my budget and it was not going to give me a good telelense too. So I decided to go for a non SLR digi cam.

Not sure about FM10, I think I will just treasure it.

I am so excited to take it out on shoot....

7th Dec Update:
Just tried the version check hack as explained here. Here is the output

Canon PowerShot SX10 IS
P-ID: 318D PAL D
Firmware Ver: GM1.01A
Oct 3 2008 14:47:12

Adj Ver.019.007

(Just discovered that pressing FuncSet and Disp key thrice, yields following...
Total Shoot: xx
Zoom Retry Count: 0
Mecha Condition: 0x00000000

This was known to work on G10 model, but know you know that it works for SX10IS too :) (updated chdk wiki too) :)