Friday, March 27, 2009

My Personal Data Centre

This is view of my personal data centre :)

The racks are cheap but good and adjustable shelves. Acryllic sheets were custom cut at local shop. One spikeguard serves as power point for all the devices (the extension board on right is a temp solution)

Box in the middle is a NAS enclosure for IDE disks, Just need to plug in an IDE HDD and it can be exposed via FTP or SAMBA shares.

The wireless router provided by ISP has just one LAN connection, so I have retained the old Netgear WIFI router for host connectivity. At the moment its just the NAS drive but planning to hook up a dedicated host to serve my website.

I can connect to both routers and still access internet or the NAS enclosure. Firewall exceptions have been set and NAS drive is made available online via FTP.

Once the power strip is properly connected, the cabling needs to be structured :)