Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fraudulent behaviour of

A recent bad experience on Vicky Shopping...

Ordered for 3M chain lube and cleaner and they called me back saying cleaner is not in stock. they shipped lube however didnt update me about cleaner. after continuous attempts to reach out to them via mail/phone, they refunded partial cost of lube without any explanation till date. from the complaints on net by others and my experience, i can confirm the following

- the "in stock" stuff on the website is not really guaranteed to be in stock. they try to find from vendors after you place the order

- even if they ship partial items, the website status shows "shipped" status against all.

- they offer you any other replacement, which usually costs higher than the item you order (they send you link and stress on QUICK payment, the quickness doesnt reflect in their service)

- in case you decline, they refund you less than the cost advertised. atleast one person was told that its how their bank works. you get less even if they havent shipped your product at all.

- the website has a form to return an item you bought. there you need to specify "reason to return". however there is no text box/drop down against that. ultimately you cannot return anything. even if you can, they would deduct cost of shipping plus some cost out of the product

- their support numbers keep ringing no matter how many times you try

- emails go unanswered if they do not wish to answer these are not one off experiences and many other such on the net.

hope you are aware of these before you buy from them. i would never buy from these frauds again