Monday, August 28, 2006


Someone sent me this link on Orkut today -

I usually dont open the links but today I did...The link shows a picture comparision from a well to do foreign country about happy people. Other side of pictures show people suffering from malnutrition, lack of education, money etc...

You might have seen picture of earth taken from spaceship. Earth seems so serene, beautiful. Those who have been lucky to go in space and actually see that are so much blessed.

But as we try to zoom in to the real life on earth, life that we live in, things start to get murkier and thoughts crop up sooner than you can say "Kiran"!

Each individual on this earth lives a life, life thats unique for him/her. Each has a different perspective and definition of things around.

As the link shows, everyone has different concerns, issues. You may be cursing your ISP for being very slow today. At the same time, somewhere on the earth, might be struggling to get a lamp of oil lit. Your laptop may seem outdated recently and for someone getting hands on to a calculator seems thrilling. You go to a shop and spend hours for that nice skirt, but someone will be standing in the midst of dessert, pale with thirst! You might be in dilemma about which car to buy, and a farmer in a city next to you is attempting to plough the fields himself. You may be wondering why you got less marks in exam and someone might be running to save life from a missile from air strike....You see a city skyline full of tall buildings and at the same time each building has slums and homeless walking around...Newpaper is full of page 3 party picures and news about people dying due to poisonous country liquor.....its just endless.

There is huge difference between people on economic, social and all other front of life. Each person lives a different lifestyle. Yet, people of different lifestyle coexist so well in this world! Its amazing to see how life goes on for different people around the globe...

Sometimes I think can money be distributed equal and bring all on same page? But then I realise its not just money, equal distribution is not solution. Then what can be done?

Money is not problem and its not solution too...Its life that has to go on despite everything...its our fate that we have to go through. When fate comes in, you cant accept everything you have and keep cribbing. Hope is life and thats the weapon to use against fate. Despite the diversity, hope is the only thing that supports the earth. Everyone has hope to see a better tomorrow...

And today I salute that hope. Hope the hope stays strong and when each sould awakens tomorrow, pray him/her a better day than it was yesterday. Amen!