Thursday, September 07, 2006

on VOLVO and Sukhoi

I am a fan of machines, especially once which are loaded and bring a revolution.. :-)

Now I travel from Pune (city where I work) to Mumbai/Thane (hometown) on weekends. Both cities are close, almost 3 hrs by road.

This intercity travel has been revolutionised by swedish manufacturer VOLVO ever since it introduced its B7R here.

The comfort levels and technology behind it is worth noting. This bus gave India a luxarious semi-sleeper interior, combined with noise free and isolated from road experience. Its powerful rear engine is quiet silent appearing form outside. The bus often gives surprises as it passes by you without making much noise.

I often choose the seat near driver so that I can see the mean beast being operated at ease. It seems like driving a small car. The bus seems so quick and obidient!

As a passanger, almost all the buses feature a DVD system with good sound. The bus gives good legroom for a tallboy like me and once you sit-back and relax in the semi sleeper mode, aah! you will hardly go ahead without sleep. Full air-suspension takes care of uneven roads and doesnt let potholes bother you much!

Check the B7R Specifications and you might also fall in love with it as I did...

Another machine I see nowdays is Sukhoi!

I stay near the Air force base of Pune. Throughout the day, I can see the Sukhois flying with loud noise...Take offs are swift...real swift...

And at night when they fly, you can see the blue exhaust flames...they turn off after aircraft reches some altitude. So may be its something like a afterburner used to give additional power during takeoff.

It would be amazing to fly this one too...On my motorcycle it feels god when i reach 120kmph, imagine flying at mach speeds!!!!!!

Fighter manoeuvers