Friday, December 29, 2006

orkut is under construction. please check back soon (=

I came to office in the morning today and as a habit refreshed my ORKUT window left on from yesterday.
To my horror, I hit the "orkut is under construction. please check back soon (=" screen!
Thinking it could be temporary glitch as usual, I kept refreshing. But alas! its still down after 12 hours! No communication from Google yet so that was more frustrating. Seems like a non-user friendly move from Orkut team.

What could be the cause? Maybe someone didnt do the upgrade drill properly...and screwed up himself and sight...he is sure to get a sore ass tonight LOL.
Or a virus or cracker attack? This certainly isnt a planned downtime.

I guess this is first time any prestigious site is down for so long in unplanned manner.

Would definitely like to know in details what caused the mess....