Friday, December 29, 2006

We need to change our Heroes

This is a news published somewhere at the bottom of a local newspaper.

A saloon owner in Pune married a prostitute rescued from a brothel! A a small news, quiet unnoticeable without any photos.

He saw the girl in brothel and fell in love with her. Later when the girl was rescued from the brothel, he persisted for more than 2 years for her. His efforts won at the end and they both got married now. Not surprisingly her parents have disowned her after they came to know about her past.

The same story was behind a movie "baaghi". It came few years ago. Was not a major success but the people who made it, still got their money and people who watched didnt mind spending money to go and see it. The actors were still their favorite. But when such things happen in real life, people are hardly bothered.

A casual look at the newspaper shows 2 prominent clicks - Vilasrao Deshmukh waiving hand at crowd and Shrisant giving autograph to fans on SA ground.

Whats the connection?

Its quiet sad that there is a social stigma attached to various people in this country. Each of them would have dreams and hopes but not all come true. The society is so much divided with caste, community and other useless boundaries.

People often judge others by the work they do. And while not realising that every work is important, they carry forward their social beliefs to their next generations. Ironically, there are people in this country who take proud in being called backwards and claim reservation due to same!!!

The generation still grants the politicians, sportpersons (or just cricketers?) and filmstars a heroic status. Politicians keep dividing the country under social/caste barriers so that they continue to cheat the people and make money. Getting into cricket has become another business or a "Kaun banega Crorepati" (Who wants to be a millionare) contest. Once you are in, play a few matches, you are all set to act in ads, drink cola and mint money.

- Will ever a cola company come forward to sponser the saloon owner. The local police and NGO were the only one to sponser the marriage day treat and gift them utensils so that they can cook their daily food!
- When a politician is mis-treated by a foreigner sportsperson, his supporters fume in anger till an apology is seek. But do the supporters do anything beyond putting up posters of the politicians and dancing on tunes of their leader?
- Superstars advocate cola products and tell how safe they are. But do they realise that most people in india dont get safe drinking water everyday?
- People dont bother to check who is next to them in a movie theatre or a mall. But they dont tolerate anyone when it comes to going to a temple or a shrine.
- Cricketers get a ransom even if they dont perform for months and then there are numerous other athaletes who are yet to get their own house promised by Government.

There is often so much fuss over matter of pride than on matter of necessities. Will this stop anytime? I guess yes but I am afraid that it would be too late. But if its stopped on time, it would help the people and their own country a lot.

Its a general outcry that every generation hears: "The generation needs an awakening". But its often true. I also believe that the social heros must change. Infact the heros need to change their heros and turn their mind from money to people.

I would like to see the day When this country learns to treat their own people with respect and free them from social, communical, regional and economical shackles....I guess that day my country would be truly independant Republic Nation.