Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Birthday India!

My country turns 60 today. After a long fight by uncountable freedom fighters, the country became independent on 15th August 1948.

60! That's a lot of a life for a human, isn't it? For a country its not a small span either.

Where do we stand now? Are we really independent? Like a 60 year old person, who has been through difficult times, Have the 60 years made any wiser?

India is independent, but the people are not. There is a long way to go for the people. Ignorance still rules their mind. Corruption is doing its best to slow down the growth. People and their desires have taken over their own happiness. Democracy is the foundation for the success we have so far achieved but now politics has become a profit career.

Tomorrow when I would wake up, every TV channel will have dedicated Independent Day special program. Most will air special commercial promos showing inocent children singing song and holding tri-color. Newspapers will cover special articles and editorials. Every traffic signal will will see homeless kids selling miniature flags. Some would utilise the public holiday to take a break from routine and enjoy the day at a travel destination near city. But next day, everything will be different, rather will be back to routine after the hangover is over.

Today we have worldwide recognition as a growing economy. Indians are everywhere. They are being employed in the developed nations. Indian entrepreneurs are thinking big and are part of "whose' who" of the world. Life is comparatively peaceful. We have most of the new technology available. Our currency is getting better. Kids can go to school, men and women can walk road without fear in most part of the country.

Its like a glass of water, half empty or half full, the way we look at it. The generation that actually participated in the freedom fight, is slowly going behind the curtain of time. But the spirit of independence and recognition of efforts behind that is not yet dead.

The country is not a 60 year veteran. Its a teenager. We are still growing up. And hence its worth celebrating the day, with the hope that the kid will be a nice and fine as it turns into an experienced wise man. Its worth wishing that we would be truly independent, soon.

Happy Birthday India!