Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home Server Project - getting the web server up for alpha testing

Just got the server up for some time. For those who are not aware (almost all of you would be :) ), its following configuration...

Intel 945GCLF2 motherboard with Atom330 (Dual atom, dual core) CPU
Seagate 320GB internal SATA HDD
miniature keyboard, mouse and DVD-RW drive, though not to be connected

This is low power consumption system and low in size, thanks to Intel Atom. Planned to be run up and running 24/7, either as a web server, HTPC, home server or any combination of these :)

The mobo and SMPS went kaput just on the day when it was pieced up :( :( managed to get it back after 4 weeks.

So now the box is hunting for its final place, waiting for work at home to finish for this. Just powered it on for a while of testing.

Was trying to setup Apache on Linux. SSHed to it and started Apache service. Came up fine. Checked up local page access, and it was fine. But could not be accessed from other machine on network or internet.

Tried to scratch my head hard, and "iptables" hit me. Checked if iptables was running and stopped it.

Voila! The Atom is on the net now :)