Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Installing phone charger on Pulsar 220F

Finally got time to install the phone charger.

The device I got is from ideaForge. It comes with two major parts

1 - Part that connects to battery. This has a round connector that is supposed to be connected to dashboard.
2 - Part that connects to Part 1 and has the voltage processing circuitry to bring down 12V to 5V. This can take additional tips so that you can charge different types of phones. Not sure if it has any kind of current limiter or protection.The part 1 could be designed in a better way. The round connector needs additional jugaad to put it on the dashboard. Because of the separable parts, you can remove the charger from bike when not required.
The charger assembly was lying with me for months now :) I just couldn't figure out how to tap 12V point through ignition. Here's how I manage to work around it
- Connected the charger directly to the battery
- Added a switch and fuse in-line and kept this under the battery panel.
- Drilled a small hole on fairing and pulled the part 1 through it. Taped connector on the fairing. The cable that connects to battery was connected to this and kept under fairing

Now its ready :)  I can flip the switch when not in use and the charger would not get voltage. This is less convenient than having the charger always on with ignition switch in between. But works good enough!