Sunday, May 15, 2016

Random Birthday Memoirs

Birthday still brings up a secret excitement and anticipation for an miracle. What kind of miracle? pretty much unknown, a miracle that was deeply wished for once upon a time, one that changes something irreversibly in a good way.
Why just the birthday? Maybe because you don't want to get disappointed everyday!

I know plight of school kids who have/had their birthday in May. Well, they got deprived of wearing casual colorful attire instead of uniform and distribute sweets/candies to everyone. God forbid if you opt for engineering, you need to spend the day either burning for exam prep or exam itself. Poor fellas! Yes, been there!

Celebrating birthdays was never part of tradition Marathi family in the 90s. I got wished by parents and maybe a sweet dish was cooked. However my most memorable childhood birthday was spent in our village. I think that was first and last road trip done in konkan with beloved baba (grandfather). We visited nearby villages where he spent his childhood and also where aai (granny) belonged. Once we were back in our village, my favorite aunt had come to stay. It was a typical warm day in May and in the evening I witnessed hailstorm and full rainbow on the mountain. To top it off, I got treated by a home made cake...Those were very simple and happy days.

Remember the teenage days in college when you would be interested in birthday of your crush? I think universally, birthday of a girl in college is chosen to propose her. Did you do that?

Cut to present...birthdays have become routine...facebook pops up message; people frantically start posting on wall or inbox a HBD message. Then there are people who just don't bother to read those....(I usually remove people from my list when I see last message I sent them was HBD last year :D )Your whatsapp groups would probably notice and someone would wish you there. Invariably all active members start posting, perhaps the group title is updated to wish you. Oh yes, those automated bots for all forums you registered, those have been pretty loving to me as they wish me birthday before anyone else :) :)

Sometimes I dig up those greeting cards received during college...Used to spend a lot time selecting cards for other's birthdays back then...As I scan through mine, I just wonder whether those are still being preserved somewhere or they got thrown in the trash long back!

Don't you have friends who proudly forget your birthday? I have one too...we essentially wish each other on her birthday :D :D

Since long I have removed my birthday from facebook :) It feels good to see being remembered without facebook, call me old school or call me snob :p

This year only family and bots made it!