Saturday, May 21, 2016

How to achieve songasm?

Songasm (n): When a song is so good, you feel waves going through your body and soul. Basically a portmanteau of words - Songs and Orgasm.

Have you experienced songasm? Do you know how you can achieve songasm?
If not, then keep reading.

First of all, choose the right song...there is not one fit for all here really, just choose a song that you can relate to, choose a song that you understand. Oh wait! understanding a song is optional too (even though its like a one night stand after party with a guy from different country :D )
But yes, choose a song that you can understand.

Be in a right place. While a song can hit you anywhere, having less distractions helps. Go away from anything that can break the rhythm - phone, emails, people or whatever/whoever that can distract.

Every song has a background to it, think about that as you hit play button...Someone has just fallen in love before that song, feel the love. Someone might have lost all his life, empathize with that situation. Someone has just given up the shackles of life, smell that freedom. Consider that as foreplay!

Every song leads you somewhere, follow that song as the song plays, this is where the lyrics play a the song and read between the lines...a song may take you from desperation to being hopeful, follow that journey as if it is your own.

Appreciate the elements that make music. Have you ever focused on a particular instrument in the orchestra...just choose one and isolate that track in can choose a different instrument every time or just jump from one to another...but connect with that one and let it reverberate in the would realize the even though we don't realize explicitly , that each instrument is integral part of the song, its not possible to let that song be same without it. However the player has to standby and wait for its turn to come, sometime halfway into the song. Player would play a bit and then again wait.
Some songs have those delicate interludes which you can simply miss unless you are paying attention. But once hooked onto those, they can reach deep inside. The ups and downs can convey the mood without words.

Appreciate the people behind the music, real and characters. A lot of efforts are put by people to make that song happen. Don't we feel a hart-break, Don't we feel bit lost? We do but we perhaps cannot create something beautiful like a song out of it...we need to appreciate that someone is gifted to pen down those feelings in words that we can understand and relate with. Someone is gifted to create fictional character that can enact and present those for you. Someone is gifted to act those characters out of you. Someone is gifted to shoot the video beautifully as you see it. There would be someone just shaking "ghungaru" in the orchestra, while someone playing a distinct prelude that identifies the song with masses...all these make up the song.

Be Youself. Like all these, you are also a critical part of that music...without your readiness to connect with the song, the song cannot exist in isolation. IF your heart if full of grief, you would hardly like a party song. That grief can instantly connect with a sad song.

So choose what you are and you will find a song that takes you towards that finest experience. Close eyes and get immersed in the song.

It may take a while but suddenly you will resonate with the music and it will stir you from within. You can feel goose bumps and forget everything else for the moment. If you are emotional, perhaps tears will roll down your eyes. Its a maddening experience and  can teleport you in the song instantly. As the name suggests, this is exactly like an explosive orgasm as the name says.

Congratulations, you have perhaps achieved your first Songasm!!!

Here is my current top favorite