Sunday, January 25, 2015

DIYaFIX Sunday...broken grab rail bolt removed

broken grab rail bolt removed using ancestral hand dril, hammer, center punch, bolt remover and trusted WD40.
- Spray WD40
- Use center punch to mark point on broken bolt
- Drill using small drill bit
- Lock thread remover with light tap of hammer and reverse the bolt out using hand drill
- Clean the debris
- Pat yourself for good job done


Friday, August 01, 2014

Unboxing - Xiaomi MI3 - India

Finally got the Xiaomi MI3 after wait for nail biting lottery of FlipKart 2nd lot and adrenaline rush of frantic clicks/retries...
got it delivered one day before promised date as usual
typical Flipkart - box in box

 In Box - phone, manual, charger, data cable, no headphones

Its pretty lightweight and sleek, display is sharp and really feels like a premium phone

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

"Living with Ninja Experiences" - Platina

Conversation yesterday with someone at Mahalakshmi...

Me: let me leave before rush hour starts
He: where do you stay
Me: Thane
He: Thats far. How will you go
Me: Bike
He: Shit! thats far. Which bike do you have
Me: Kawasaki
He: Platina? No wait platina was not kawasaki.
Me: 650
He: 650???? I dont know such kawasaki. What is 650
Me: 650cc engine
He: Wtf!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Conversation with Internet scammers selling Superbike for cheap

Here is the conversation I had with one such gang earlier...Remember: If its too good to be true, its fake :)

On 21 Nov 2013 21:27, "Benjamin Bazin" <> wrote:

Hi ,

The bike is in perfect condition . It rides and runs perfect . No scratches , no dents and it has never been down . All the services have been done professionally and i only used original oil and parts . I am for the moment in UK ( England ) but the bike has Indian documents . The price is 170 000 Rupee ( 1,7 laks ) + 35 000 Transport to your house 205 000 total ( 2,05 laks ) . There will be no custom or import tax because this is an Indian bike so it's just like buying a local bike . I am selling because i have been in a car accident 3 month ago and i lost 80% of my hearing and also the hospital bills are very high . Also if i would register the bike here it will take a lot of time and it will also be expensive so i will like to sell it back in India where i purchased the bike in the first place . We will use a 3'rd party company ( ESCROW ) this way we will both be safe and you will get to test and see the bike before i will get any money . Also i will be covered . Please let me know if you are interested and i will send you more pictures and details .

Thank you for your interest .

Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 23:11:31 +0530
Subject: RE: You have received a reply to your Ad "2009 BMW F-Series F650 GS Twin (800cc)" (Ad Id:134877763) on Quikr
From: ...

Please send more pictures

On 21 Nov 2013 23:13, "Benjamin Bazin" <> wrote: Hi ,

The bike is here with me in London . It is in perfect condition and it has all the documents . It's last registration is in Delhi .. I worked with Samsung in Delhi for a year and i used this bike to get to work and back . The reg number is DL 12 AA 8871
We will use a Company that acts as a 3'rd agent between us :
Let me explain step by step :
1 All you have to do is send me your full name and address and i will make all the arrangements .
2 I will take the bike at them and it will be prepared for transport and all the legal documents will be made ( sales contract . warranty , insurance for transport , etc )
3 They will give us a tracking number that can be verified on the website of the company
4 The company will contact you with details on what to do next ( payment , ETA ) .
5 They will hold the bike and you will have to send them the money .
6 You will receive the bike in max 10 working days and you will have 5 days to test it and verify all the documents .
7 If by any reason you don't like it all you have to do is give it back to the guys at the shipping company and you will get an 100% refund . If you like it all you have to do is give your ok and i will get the money .
This is very simple so if you are interested just go ahead and send me your full name and address .
Here are some extra pictures .

Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 23:24:06 +0530
Subject: RE: You have received a reply to your Ad "2009 BMW F-Series F650 GS Twin (800cc)" (Ad Id:134877763) on Quikr
From: ...

Wow, thats a neat kept bike.

Can you share its current registration number in uk?
Also I would need a pic from under the front fender, this may seem like a weird request but I usually like to inspect under the hood, just want to see how its kept overall

Sice this is an international purchase, I would like to know more before actually buying it, hope you understand

On 21 Nov 2013 23:27, "Benjamin Bazin" <> wrote:

It is not registered in UK .
It is still under Indian registration so this is why i prefer to sell in India .
Also i have sent you all the pics i have .
There will be a 5 day testing period and you can verify everything then .

On 21 Nov 2013 23:37, "Kiran Ghag" <...> wrote:

I just spoke to my wife and she is ready to give me money in three days, can you wait till then

Btw, I have a friend in uk, he has a shipping business, he is ready to ship it to me for free, can you tell me where you are located, he has branches all over uk so needs to know which one would be near him for arranging the pick up, this would save me more money and I can add some of that saving into your sale price

Does this work for you

Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 01:58:28 +0530 Subject: RE: You have received a reply to your Ad "2009 BMW F-Series F650 GS Twin (800cc)" (Ad Id:134877763) on Quikr
From: ...

Please let me know, if you wish to use your courier also its ok, I can't wait for it

But I need to wait for 2 3 days for money.

Also in the excitement, I forgot to ask for any negotiation that we can do on the offer price Can you lower the price a bit

On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 6:16 AM, Benjamin Bazin <> wrote: sorry the price is not negotiable .

Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 15:56:40 +0530
Subject: Re: You have received a reply to your Ad "2009 BMW F-Series F650 GS Twin (800cc)" (Ad Id:134877763) on Quikr

From: ...

What is your address and phone number

On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 6:09 PM, Benjamin Bazin <> wrote: I already told you i lost my hearing in the accident . I can not use a phone .
I live in London on 21 Stamford Road .
Let me know what you decide .

On Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 12:18 PM, Kiran Ghag <...> wrote:

is that enough to find your house? please pardon me, i am not good at london addresses, we here have bigger address including house number, building name, pin code etc

my friend will come over to your place once you give me details

how will he be able to speak to you if you are deaf?

Date: Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 9:23 AM
Subject: Re: You have received a reply to your Ad "2009 BMW F-Series F650 GS Twin (800cc)" (Ad Id:134877763) on Quikr
To: Benjamin Bazin


was waiting for your reply. since you didnt give complete address, my friend didnt come. he will come on next weekend now.

i will be getting money this week and once my friend gets to see it i will initiate money transfer.
can you tell me how to send the money to you?


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fraudulent behaviour of

A recent bad experience on Vicky Shopping...

Ordered for 3M chain lube and cleaner and they called me back saying cleaner is not in stock. they shipped lube however didnt update me about cleaner. after continuous attempts to reach out to them via mail/phone, they refunded partial cost of lube without any explanation till date. from the complaints on net by others and my experience, i can confirm the following

- the "in stock" stuff on the website is not really guaranteed to be in stock. they try to find from vendors after you place the order

- even if they ship partial items, the website status shows "shipped" status against all.

- they offer you any other replacement, which usually costs higher than the item you order (they send you link and stress on QUICK payment, the quickness doesnt reflect in their service)

- in case you decline, they refund you less than the cost advertised. atleast one person was told that its how their bank works. you get less even if they havent shipped your product at all.

- the website has a form to return an item you bought. there you need to specify "reason to return". however there is no text box/drop down against that. ultimately you cannot return anything. even if you can, they would deduct cost of shipping plus some cost out of the product

- their support numbers keep ringing no matter how many times you try

- emails go unanswered if they do not wish to answer these are not one off experiences and many other such on the net.

hope you are aware of these before you buy from them. i would never buy from these frauds again

Friday, November 29, 2013

कैसी तेरी खुदगर्जी?

"कैसी तेरी खुदगर्जी, ना धूप चुने ना छांव
कैसी तेरी खुदगर्जी,कैसे ठोर टिकेना पांव

बन लिया अपना पैगंबर, 
तर लिया तू सात समंदर
फिर भी सूखा मन के अंदर...

रे कबिरा मान जा, 
रे फ़किरा मान जा....
आजा तुझको पुकारे तेरी परछाईया..."

मोजक्या शब्दात एक मोठी कहाणी एक गाणंच सांगू शकतं. अशा बोलक्या ओळींना सुरांची साथ मिळाली की कधी कधी एक अस्सल मिश्रण तयार होतं अगदी या गाण्यासारखं.

"ये जवानी है दिवानी" चं गाणं आज पहिल्यांदा व्यवस्थित ऐकलं आणि पुन्हा पुन्हा ऐकल्याशिवाय नाही राहवलं. गाण्याच्या ओळींत एक विषण्ण व्यथा जाणवते. व्यथा एका भटक्या चंचल मनाची जे सगळं मनासारखं करत राहतं तरीपण असंतुष्ट, अपुरं राहतं. कुठून येतो हा अपूरेपणा, प्रत्येक वेळेला हवा तो मार्ग निवडून पण? असं तर नाही ना की हे अपुरेपण कुठेतरी मनातल्या आत लपलेल्या अपूर्ण ईच्छेने येतं?

आपण कितीही प्रयत्न केला अलिप्त राहून सुखी राहण्याचा मुखवटा चढवण्याचा तरी आपल्या आतल्या आवाजापासून आपण नाही अलिप्त राहता येत ना?

"Wake up Sid" चा इकतारा पण असाच मनाला भिडतो.  कबिरा ऐकताना पटकन इकतारा समांतर येतो आणि एक connection होतं. अमिताभ भट्टाचार्य आणि तोची रैना यामागे आहेत म्हणजे ते connection पक्कं आहे.

त्यातल्या एकट्या रात्रीचं वर्णन आणि त्या एकट्या रात्रीला जवळ घेउन जागणाय्रा मनाचा विखार कल्पनेनं नाही अनुभवता येत. तो मनापासून जाणवावा लागतो. तो  कळला की आपोआपच कळतो हा चंचलपणा मनात कुठून येतो आणि कशाने मन का परिंदा कायमचा बंजारा होतो ते :)

 कैसी तेरी खुदगर्जी चं उत्तर  शेवटी बंजारा परिंदा देउन जातो...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Whatsapp/Viber and their stalkers/telemarketing friendly behaviour

Whatsapp and Viber are next generation of messengers. Who uses Yahoo, Gtalk or MSN messenger anymore? I guess not much of the population. Get a phone, enable data connection, install app and bang, you are connected to all of your friends in your phone. No hassles of finding who is on which messenger, mail id or anything like that. Just a phone number is all you need...Whatsapp seems to be replacing group medium like forums and mailgroups too. Make a group and gather online. Easy and near-online way to chatter, syncup and share things. Once live voice and video conferencing comes in, that could be another step.

With Whatsapp and Viber, I generically refer to similar family of messaging applications that are cropping up on various app stores. Whatsapp is used by me and many others that I know. So focus of this post remains on Whatsapp. Feel free to replace word Whatsapp with app of similar behaviour.

I have never been a fan of modern programming techniques, used by majority of Android and iOS clan. Call it generation gap and I would not mind too. Compare features on any old messengers and you would probably realise how half baked current software is. 

What Whatsapp and others dont tell you is the way it can affect you in a negative manner. Here's how...

These apps upload your contact list to their server. If your contact is on their records, its a match and you are connected. You can see that person online on your list and you can send a message right away. This is a convenience for stalkers/.
  • All they need is the number of other person, add it and shoot messages, till they block.
  • As long as the stalker doesnt send a message, he/she can see your display picture and status message. Depending on how much enthusiastic you are about your profile, you can give out good clues to them, about your name, gender, location and current activity.
  • They can see it without you even knowing them. You wouldnt know who has added you on their list. There is no way you can find it out.
  • You cannot prevent others from contacting you, you can block numbers but a determined person can use new numbers.
  • An idle person doesnt need to know your number too, they can add any random number to their contact list and voilla, they can start.
  • Telemarketers (in India atleast) can be banned from SMSing or calling you. Whatsapp broadcast storm is probably not under scope of DnD. Sooner or later telemarketers would start adding you on their contact list and spam with messages.
How can you save yourself?

Nothing much you can do beyond blocking people who approach, but...
  • Change your display picture to a generic picture, use your favorite celebrity, cat, dog, motorcycle, car, building, road or whatever. This will attract less contact mining stalkers who randomly add you.
  • Avoid putting detailed status messages, better yet, do not put one at all.
How the developers can help you?
  • Build user's contact list on mutual existance i.e. only if two people have each other's number saved on phone. So unless you know each other, you cannot see each other online, till both want to be seen.
  • By default block people who are not on your contact list. This will prevent random people from seeing you or contacting you or following you
  • Allow people to send out invitation request in old fashioned way
  • Allow users to choose if they wish to be contacted by people not on their list. If they select not to be, people can't send invitations.
As per mashable, As of June 20, 2013, WhatsApp has over 250 million active users, and handles 27 billion messages in a single day. There are already security concerns over your contact list lying on various servers and evesdropping poorly written apps that transmit plaintext data. Encryption can solve that to an extent but with every other app reading your contact list, you can't trust all, can you?