Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don't blame the lovers!

An interesting post from a newspaper reader Siddhant L on Mumbai Mirror (29th Nov 06)

Every third day we read about someone committing suicide and everyone opines that it may have been a love affair. I think, these people need to be left alone with placing the blame on them. Maybe the reason is the lack of love? Maybe it's because the parents are not understanding or appreciative of the kids? I know of a man, who gets annoyed with his family because they speak their mind. And because of this reason, the son has become short-tempered and ends up in some or the other brawl all the time - because of the years of suppression that he went through. A polite correction or explanation could work wonders. But most people are too preoccupied to have time for their families, especially working parents. God forbid, if the son would have been lead to take such drastic steps, then would that make the father happy? Why do parents think that the children are better of fighting the world without their support? Why can't the father and son both be on the same side? Why challenge the other all the time? If the atmosphere at home is peaceful, then there would never be anything unpleasant in our society and daily life and especially, no hurt.