Tuesday, November 21, 2006

when the going gets tough...

[23:44] my_friend: i havent heard from her
[23:44] my_friend: so mebbe she is still working on it
[23:45] me: she is getting busier
[23:45] my_friend: i am glad
[23:45] my_friend: but she is setlting in well
[23:46] my_friend: doing well for herself
[23:46] me: ya
[23:46] me: yes
[23:46] me: she is on her own
[23:46] me: making money
[23:46] me: so she will be fine
[23:47] my_friend: finally when everything lets u down..money is the only thing that sees u thru
[23:47] me: ya
[23:48] me: more imp when it helps u build yourself
[23:48] me: n get back ur self esteem
[23:48] my_friend: isn;t that amazing
[23:48] my_friend: yeah ..self esteem
[23:48] my_friend: suddenly people who treated u like shit
[23:48] my_friend: treat u with respect
[23:48] me: thats life...and its more like a jungle life
[23:49] my_friend: survival of the fttest
[23:50] me: nah...survival of the strugler
[23:51] my_friend: we humans have an amazing capacity to survive
[23:51] my_friend: the the going is tough
[23:51] my_friend: the tough get going