Friday, November 24, 2006

Hacked it!

Today I continued the search in void about the telnet hack on Netgear...

I didnt get the windows binary file for enabling the server but had the C source code. Now problem was that I didnt have a Linux box. so it was time to get a minimum Linux box for the job. I quickly dug out my CDs and found triplet of Redhat 8.0.
Within 30 mins the box was ready. I installed Lynx RPM and dloaded the code from net and required headers. This was infact the first time I used wget to do this.

The code was embedded in a HTML file so it was a quick vi job to strip down the extras. First attempt to create the binary resulted in number of errors..not a pretty sight! But then realised that the code had HTML codes insted of <, > and had to clear them.

The code was ready and I transferred it to my Windows box. But alas! the code wont run gracefully and result in error. It was time read the docs again, this time quiet carefully :-)

I realised my mistake, the binary was Linux binary and not Windows as I had been thinking :O) And while reading I also found that I had overlooked the mirror to get the Windows Binary :-$

Voilla! downloaded the binary and quick execution unlocked the telnet console on router...finally..the search that started yesterday ended in success...felt good!