Sunday, May 06, 2007

ban on Sex Education in India

In india there is a taboo on "talking" about sex than "doing" it. And this is evident from the facts like high number of rapes, hiv positives and cases like this ban on education. sex is not new to india, no surprise its setting new scores of population growth. but a neutral and broad minded viewpoint towards it is still a rare thing in here.

Indian culture typically does not cover parents talking to kids and educating them about the right and wrong things in life. most get the "knowledge" from their friends/colleagues or magazines;most other stay dumb. definition of right and wrong can be subjective but still the importance of the (correct) education cannot be denied.

Education is a double edged sword. If topic like nuclear reactions are tought in school, it doesnt mean that everyone is going to create nuclear bomb and destroy the world. People need to understand that the techincal knowledge should be accomplished by a parallel two-way healthy communication between teens and parents. Unfortunately no one teaches this in class.

Most people often mistaken sex education to love-making education. Its not so. Sex education should imply basic learnings of human body and its functions. It should also help students to recognise the natural urges and need to control it through simpler means. It can be offered as a optional course or through friendly volunteers who can establish a fearless communication link with the students.

People who banned sex education probably want to give out a message that education and awareness is nonsense. or that the people already know everything...Who are they anyways? Politicians arent they? Maybe that explains it...

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