Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are you fan of DXDIAG?

Whats the first (or one of the firsts) things that you do after installing a new instance of Windows?

I usually run DxDiag. Is this something that you too do?

Diagnostics utilities always amused me. It started with CheckIT for DOS which I ran on MS-DOS 3/4. My usual screen that time was MS-DOS prompt and then GW-BASIC interpreter. No wonder CheckIT caught my attention. It was something screenful and had lots of information - much more than I could interpret. I behaved exactly like Number 5 from the movie - Short Circuit. I ran around craving for "Input" most of the time then and diagnostics gave me that :)

Windows 95 came along and it took away most of the fun of running MS-DOS diags. But DxDiag was cool. Watching the DxDiag video test somehow became "the thing to do". Running it and watch the white rectangle and colourful cube jumping around the screen was quickest and coolest thing you could do on Windows, wasn't it? And it had quick MIDI test which rocked on my Creative AWE 64.

Sad to see DxDiag crippled in the Windows 7 RTM...no video tests in DxDiag  :( :( :(