Saturday, October 17, 2009

Longest time without formatting XP :)

My laptop harddisk has started locking up recently. Seems like a sign of failure in near future :(

Incidentaly this laptop has not been formatted since I messed up with it when I got it first. A small VBScript found here tells me that it was done on "Friday, January 05, 2007". So that means I am using one install instance of Windows XP for 2 years 9 months!!!! It has slowed down over time but not till the point that its needs a format :)

The first format was accidental. I had got it home and after booting up, I decided to install Windows 2000. I immidiately created Ghost image of the partition and installed Windows 2000. Just to discover that there are no drivers and I had no pen drive etc to download and copy using my desktop. Ghosted image was put back in minutes and thus XP stayed on.

This is most used instance so far ever for me.