Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Choice by Elimination v/s Choice by Selection!

As it happens with every generation, every year, I am tired of waiting for a big machine to come. Something that would look just the perfect buy, value and power for money.

Choice by Selection
My current steed is Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i, Fear the Black edition. Pulsar series had caught my eyes instantly when its full page ad appeared in print media, followed by tv commercials. It had everything to challenge the market of that time - masculine design, power, speed, style! It seemed like "the one" that can match with my riding needs and blend with my inner character!
This brand has been complimented by excellent marketing, will never forget the aggression pitched by its commercial where they use their own model to pave way for new one. A competition with self and no word about competitors, just a subtle hint and pure arrogance of stunts (never seen before on Indian horizon, correct me if wrong!)

However, I had to wait for a few years before I could set my hands on a real one. In the meantime, it evolved well.
Now I was working, single and had money. Next pulsar upgrade came out, unfortunately with the stupidest pulsar tv commercial. But it rung the riding bell inside and my Pulsar arrived in March 2006!
There was no choice to be made, I knew I wanted it and it was one of the best around.
Its soon to complete four years and the four years had been worthy. Every drag won at the traffic signal, every uneventful ride was worth every penny spent.

Choice by Elimination
When the odo turned over 40,000 I had started thinking of buying something better by the time it reaches 50,000. As usual there were lots of rumours floating around about "the killer bike to be launched by XYZ manufacturer". After 4 years, I managed to munch on 50,000KMs alone, max out its RPM and speedometer. But "the one" did not arrive yet.
Indian biking scene has changed, but not phenomenally. Manufacturer's are still playing under 150cc, even small upgrades (and downgrades) of 10-20cc qualifies for a new model! Government keeps no room for competition with 100% import duty. Choices are many if you want to be a frog in the well. I really feel sad for the Indian bikers. Bullet and Karizma are still the cruzer cult-gods and Indians can wage war if anyone says anything against it. Here are my picks at each
  • Karizma - established tourer but I was never fascinated by it. Lack of real upgrades and the way it provided cosmetic upgrade with extravaganza never tuned into me. It may be the best tourer, but its not for me.
  • Bullet - Bullet thump is nice but considering my daily commute of 60-70km, it fails to attract me. Its not my character anyway.
  • R15 - Its not suited for a 6 footer. Period.
  • Avenger 200 - Had tried it during my Goa trip, It was good but still makes you feel that you need something more, maybe on the power front or maybe cause its not a street bike.
I had set my eyes on Ninjette (250R), it turned out to be expensive. R1 or MT-01 was way out of budget. And even if I could buy one, the fact that we are charged 100% duty, turns me off completely. With my current parking areas, such buy would turn out to be a blood pressure pill anyway!

I went on eliminating each available option one by one and only one remained....

Pulsar 220? correct!!!

After lots of thinking, budgeting, dreaming and consideration, realized that at the moment, its just the P220 that can keep me happy. So went out and booked one finally!!!