Monday, May 03, 2010

ऍक्सिडेंट हो गया रब्बा रब्बा!

It was an usual evening commute to home and I was riding with my colleague as pillion.

We were riding at around 70kmph near Powai and suddenly a drunk came running across. There was no stopping distance between us. I started pumping brakes but ran into him straight. I think the guy tried to stop me and hit his hand on my right end of handle bar. This deflected me and bike tipped on left side. Bike and I hit the road and we started to slide!

We slid along the smooth concrete road for 1-2 meters and came to a halt. My knee took a small jerk on impact and shoulder took the sliding friction. When we stopped, my left leg was between rear tyre and road and couldnt free it easily. The bike had to be lifted a little to free it up. There was car behind us but it had managed to stop in time by hard braking.

We got up and straightened the bike. I saw around and that jerk was lying flat on his back. First I felt he came under the car but he was safe. Now people had come forward and I took the bike aside.

We checked ourselves. Both of us had hit knee first but had just scratches. Colleage had a shoulder bag hence he didnt get hurt on shoulder. My helmet had slightly touched the road. I had Cramster jacket and I remember it being pulled along against the road. It really saved. Having a knee guard and riding boots would have made it a true zero impact incident.

The guy was bleeding little since his face hit the ground. He was spared because of that, otherwise I would have made sure that he sees his own blood of his face :) Apparently he was being chased by someone and then he had started running across the street. The guy following him and onlookers started shouting at them for their act and we were not interested further in their discussion.

Ankle is little aching but there is no swelling so doesnt seem like a fracture is involved. Crash guard has scratched little bad and bent, needs a change :( But it has saved the fairing and even the left indicator. I had really not thought that the indicator would last a fall like this :)

The saree guard did not have foot bar like it had on previous ones. If it had been there, it would have added some clearance between road and rear end and avoid foot getting trapped. Need to check if previous one would fit in, I had taken it off and might have it with me yet.

All in all, a lucky save. Thode me nipat gaya!