Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Moments of surprise...

Following two are one of few moments where life presented a quick and unbelievable surprise. Do you have any such moment to share, then please do. Would like to hear.

Evening in Bombay Bazaar:
It was my first day in USA. We had just reached our hotel rooms and freshened ourselves. Our manager took us out for the very first shopping experience in the USA. We went to walmart and were amazed by the open parking, clean - deserted roads and huge mall.
On the way back, we stopped at Bombay Bazaar to buy calling cards. After visiting walmart, that place looked really tiny. But I was equally amused to see Indian products like instant spices, Parle-G biscuits and tapes of Saans Bahu series. Particularly a set of Woodward's gripe water caught my attention. "Who would be using it here?" I wondered.
A few seconds later, an Indian lady walked in and picked it up!

Sitting in a Merc:
This happened in Sheffield, UK. I was waiting for the cab to office, alongwith my two colleagues. Our office arranged chauffeured cabs and few average car models (not by Indian standards ;)) had picked us up before this.
"Today we should get a Mercedes for us." I casually said to Anand.
He just looked at me and laughed at me.
A long Mercedes stopped before us a minute later and it was THE cab for the day!!
I wouldn't forget Anand's expression ever.