Thursday, February 04, 2010

A good experience with BlueDart

I was entering my building after returning from work. The watchman told me that there was a courier for me in the noon. We were not at home and the shipment was taken back. I was expecting a "missed you" slip but there wasn't any. The courier boy logged an entry in the logbook but it was sparse. He apparently talked to the watchman but watchman couldn't remember anything.

I was expecting parcel from eBay but that would have come through ordinary post. So this made me wonder what was it. A search on few mails revealed that it was BlueDart. Tracking ascertained it. Tracking showed that the shipment was returned since I wasn't at home.

When I was browsing their site, there was a link for complaints. I quickly drafted a small note about the incident and went to sleep. Meera saw me doing it and made fun of me.

I got up somewhere early in morning and as usual checked the mail before sleeping again. To my surprise, there was a mail from Peter from Blue Dart. He is Asst.Manager–Customer services for Blue Dart.

Dear Mr Ghag,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention for an appropriate action.
Kindly await our further communication on this while we have the same
investigated and get back to you at the earliest possible.
We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused in this regard.
Please feel free to write back or call our customer services on
022-xxxxxxxx for further assistance or clarification.

Cool! I like human support responses and this was exactly that.

Next day morning the delivery boy called me. From his tone, I could feel that he has got some thrashing. Peter later called up and discussed the issue. The delivery boy had told him that the slip was left But I confirmed that it wasn't. Peter was going to follow up. However, I advised him to let it go since I had received the delivery by now.

This was unusual experience and much appreciated. I have pretty bad experiences with different vendors and such good exceptions always bring a smile.

Good work Blue Dart team. Keep it up!