Monday, February 01, 2010

Another accident case due to DUI. Will it be different?

It is another DUI (Driving Under alchohol Influence) now.

As per the news, the lady rammed into a stationary taxi at about 120kmph. She was drunk much above the limit and couldnt handle it. The car continued and came to a halt till it managed to kill a policemen and a motorcycleman. The man was being checked for DUI as per routine night check.

The policemen was sole breadwinner for his family. I am not sure if government has provided any monetary relief to his family yet. But no amount can compensate the loss the families will go through. Especially it happened for no fault of him.

This was true as well for the motorcycleman killed. His family will probably get nothing as he did not belong to the force. The taxi driver survived but he has lost the taxi. Till he gets a new one to drive, he is in a mess too. Again, no compensation fo him.

The women hails from a rich family (atleast rich enough to affoard a Honda CRV). What ridiculed me about the incident was the fact that his parents defended her. They are aware that the women is known to drink but claimed that she was not as drunk as the news claimed to be. They also maintained that she was never known to drink so much. 
I pity the beliefs of the parents. The woman was away from home (in USA) for higher studies. At 27 years of her age, if the parents think they know everything that the she did, I can do nothing but laugh out loud.
Police are trying to build a good case against her. Looking at our judicial system, the proceedings might go on for years. Media will ressurect the days when hearings are held and then conveniently forget. She will get bail eventually and move on as the authorities fight within the beurocratic ditch. In the same way it happened with Salman Khan.
One news said that after she hit the people, she walked up to them and said sorry, not realising that they are dead. So easy for her!
Is there any way that she can be fined for her wealth and that be given to the victims? The car alone that she trashed could be total earning of a police constable for next 10-15 years.