Wednesday, April 14, 2010

how to copy contacts from Nokia N70 to 5800 for free

Well, this is easy if both the phones are working fine. You can use built-in Phone Switch utility to sync contacts between the two. But when things are not fine, you need the alternative ways :)

I tried taking a backup of phone memory into memory card. This creates a backup.arc file on memory card. There is one utility - Noki - that can extract data from it. and its not free!

Other way is to use Nokia PC suite to create a backup of old phone and get a NBU file. You can use another tool - NBUExplorer to extract data from it. But this needed data cable or properly working bluetooth. My old phone had erratic bluetooth hardware so even the Nokia Phone switch failed halfway.

Now use following simple method which saved me. This has worked between Nokia N70 and 5800 but your mileage may vary!

- On old phone, go to Contacts.
- From the Options menu, "Mark all" contacts so that they are selected and a tick is shown against each
- Again from Options menu, select "Copy ->  to memory card"
- Take out the memory card and connect it to PC using a card reader. In the "Other" folder, there will be a subfolder with all contacts nicely saved as .vcf files
- Copy these .vcf files into new phone's memory card in same location (\other\contacts)
- Put new phone's memory card into new phone.
- Go into contacts and from the options menu, select "Copy Business Card -> From Phone Memory". On some phone, this option might be "Copy -> From Phone Memory"

Thats it! All your contacts will be imported into new phone in a jiffy!!!