Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whirlpool of unsatisfaction!

Want to buy whirlpool water purifier? think twice...

- Warranty will cover only plastic parts.RO filter candles are plastic so not in warranty :)
- Your complaints will be attended by franchiesee employees. These are not whirlpool employees and they try to make profit for their agency by (over)charging you for stand/candles etc.
- Replacement parts may be salvaged parts out of someone else's equipment and you have no way to know that they are genuine
- Customer support will just log your complaint. If you try to escalate, you will be told that supervisor will call you back, and they never do
- You are given customer satisfaction code and told to give it to engineer only if you are happy with call attention. The engineer persists to get this number from you even if you are not happy with call.
- If you wish to complain about engineers, you are asked to take it up to local service center. Whirlpool has no interest in taking this up themselves.
- If you persist, you will be given number of area managers, who never pickup phones.
- And if this seems like one-off extreme experience, try loggin a compaint on their website. The form tries to verify your email address, even if you choose to receive answer by phone. This doesnt look like coing mistake :)